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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: LtBushyBoiRR

Reason for your ban: Annoying to the staff-team

Who banned you: Grimm_Wolfe

Why should you be unbanned: 
This is a position I thought I wouldn't be, nor wanted ever to be in again.
I'm very sorry for the plot I took part in, and I'm sure iiiMonkey did not mean for it to go as far as it did. However after seeing the outcome, how it wasted both our/the staff team's time and resulted in his permanent ban, I realize that this was an immature action that got us nowhere better than where we were before. I had warned him in a discord PM that it might not be a good idea (screenshot should be attached to the post, but otherwise I can send it to you on Discord if you would like) but he insisted, and in the end I agreed to it because he is one of my friends that I even used to go to school with, and because I was only playing a minor part that couldn't be too harmful. Yes, we had our occasional talks about who we thought was actually X-raying and who was not, but it was entirely his idea and the only part I served was to be online so that he could /msg me that he had found ores and that "staff will think [he's] cheating." However small the part I played, though, I was still a part of it and I'm deeply sorry for the troubles we've caused. I have learned my lesson and I understand that this was a pain in the ass for you to have had to deal with, but I hope you will consider my appeal. I know this is my second strike, and that if I screw up just once more, it's over for me. Though it would sadden me, I understand if you decide not to unban me and once again, I'm very sorry on both iiiMonkey's and my behalf.

Why do you want to come back: This server has such a great community that I've made many friends on. I've never, in my 6?7? years of playing Minecraft, encountered a server that I enjoy as much as I do this one, and I'd hate to have to leave it behind. I'd even accept a temporary ban if necessary, as long as I would be able to play on the server again.

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Heyo, I don't believe we've talked until now--wish the circumstances were of a better nature.  Honestly, we had no reason to fully suspect you of aiding iiiMonkey.  For all we knew, he was using you up until he boasted about his attempt.  You being forthcoming is appreciated, thank you.  Now, here's the deal, I only have one policy: honesty, always.  No matter what you've done, if you're sincere, you get leniency.  That being said, there are two reasons I banned you.

1.  I wanted discretion over your ban.
2.  I had faith you would make the right call.

You are right in one aspect though, you played a minor role in the events that transpired.  Minor role, minor punishment--fair in my book.  Assuming you stayed within the rules of the forums, you would have been unbanned prior to me posting this comment regardless of what you wrote.  You see, when I got home from work and showered, I got on the server and unbanned you--Mel mentioned you posted an appeal:
[Image: Jpb0UOD.png]
I had a feeling you're a good guy.  You may have made a bad decision, yes, but who hasn't?  The reason I wanted discretion over this ban is a simple one, I wanted you to have the opportunity to make and keep making good decisions here.  The takeaway I hope you achieved is this: be honest with yourself and don't let yourself get put in bad situations anymore.

Also, since this was a temporary ban, it was never being counted as a strike on your record--especially after all you wrote.

Welcome back to HomeTown.
[Image: MlZF3GH.png]
"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

HomeTown Rulebook

Oh, thank you!

I'm glad to be back and I'll make sure you can trust me not to screw up again!
[Image: zamy3fdl98o41.png]

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