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Limit on joke auctions
Hi, I've found the chat frequently spammed with joke auctions recently.

You maybe be saying, "/auc optout," but the problem with this is that it is only certain auctions which are problematic. I do genuinely wish to see other auctions, but the joke auctions with renamed items get annoying at some point. They take up a lot of space in chat and are brightly colored. Again, I do not want to /auc optout because it would leave me out of genuine auction notifications that I would not like to miss out on.

I am not sure of a solution to this problem as of yet, but I thought I might start a discussion on this issue.
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Heyo, just a heads up, this issue has a resolution already:
"4: Auction Etiquette - Punishment: Lv. 0 - 3
 A.  Do not name the top bidder each time someone bids higher than the person before. This generates unnecessary chat spam. You only need to name the top bidder at the end of a bid or the near ending of a bid.
 B.  Do not auction off fake items, stolen items, or items you do not possess.
b1.  You must make differentiate between an actual item (Deadcore's own shovel) or a renamed shovel.
 C.  Fake auctions or fake bidding will not be tolerated.  Only auction if you have the item and only bid if you have the money.
 D.  You must follow through with auctions and bids.
d1.  If you auction an item and do not get the expected revenue regarding the item’s value, you still have to sell the item to the winning bidder.
d2.  If you are the winning bidder, you must pay up even if you did not wish to buy the item.
 E.  Only one auction may be held in chat at any given time.
 F.  Only bid in counting numbers (1,2,3,4,5,10,100…)
 G.  Don't spam your auction just because no one is bidding."
HomeTown Rulebook

If there's a fake auction, screenshot it and report the players responsible to the staff-team.
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"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

HomeTown Rulebook

Hi Grimm. I read your post and would like to clarify a potential misunderstanding. By "joke auction," I mean an item that is renamed to be humorous, such as paper renamed to "Toilet Paper," not with the intent to deceive bidders. However, if this is also what is meant by your post, then I understand.
An update to the plugin is also in the works to limit auction spam as well, stand by! Smile

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