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Community Parkour!
It's a well known fact that the best thing to do in Minecraft is parkour. Jumping on blocks together with your friends is the best thing since they invented online multiplayer gaming!

So, with that I am proud to announce a community parkour build!!!

I will be giving you lot three weeks to build your own mini parkour level. At the end of the allotted time your entries will be combined together into one HUGE parkour map which will be publicly accessible in the minigames world! The winner will have their map used as the first level for the map and will also receive the first ever pair of Parkour Boots. All other maps will be sorted into ascending order of difficulty to make the map somewhat playable.

The winning map will be chosen based on the aesthetic design, unique or original jumps, and consistent difficulty.

All submitted maps must meet the following criteria
  • Maximum of 20 jumps. If I have to press the space key more than 20 times to complete your level, jumps will be removed
  • The build must fit within a 32x32x32 cube (to make them fit together nicely)
  • The level must be completable without elytra or any beacon/potion effects
  • Make sure your map is enclosed so that people can't get out!
  • Barrier blocks are FORBIDDEN
  • If you use redstone, make sure there are no constantly running clocks
Please also note
  •  If you have access to /mvtp creative, you are allowed to build your entry in the creative world
  • The final map will have fall damage disabled, so don't worry about big drops
  • Double check your map for any skips or shortcuts!
  • If you decide to make your level impossible hard: Please add at least two checkpoints
To enter:
Put your in game name in this thread. When your build is complete /mail send GothPengu the coordinates of your build and which world it is built in.

Submissions close on the 27th June, you have 3 weeks.
[Image: P4HqY8y.png]
RachelRay Smile I guarantee I will not be able to complete my own level. But this will be fun anyways.
you can't take trash out of the oven
[Image: UvdzAjN.png]

Even though I can't complete a single parkour course I am willing to give this a go and hopefully torture others with my course.
[img][Image: MzzZfHb.jpg?2][/img]

[Image: TqG3Uvp.png]
[Image: mBAdwE6.png]
I thought I'd set the deadline for today but turns out it was yesterday lmao. Submissions are now closed, thank you to everyone who took part!!

If you haven't already mailed me the coords (and world) of your build, please do so! My IGN is GothPengu
[Image: P4HqY8y.png]
Alrighty it took me a week to get round to doing this but here's the results!!!

Best Aesthetic Award: Noodlez
Best Jump Variation: ConnorB
Most Consistent: Rachel



Aesthetic: A big ole tree with BEEZ floatin around.
Jump variation: One slime jump, one honey jump, and a corner at the end. Otherwise, kinda vanilla
Consistency: Pretty consistent. Hard jumps are spaced throughout the level instead of confined to one space, however the hard jumps are all very similar (standard gaps with some risers).


Aesthetic: A giant glass slime. Some cool level design but can be difficult to see jumps when everything is made from glass.
Jump variation: This level has great variation. It features various slime bounces with corners and more and also some more obscure designs like water stream / slime bounce combos. There are corner jumps and pane parkour thrown into the mix, and two neos too.
Consistency: Jumps are pretty consistent in difficulty despite using a variety of techniques.


Aesthetic: Doors everywhere. Quirky and original
Jump variation: A nice mix of regular jumps and a few corner jumps including one neo.
Difficulty: Very consistent and a forgiving sub-level checkpoint for the neo


Aesthetic: Sleek, dark, and futuristic.
Jump variation: Entirely glass panes, but despite using one block there are one or two spicy bois have been thrown in. I especially like the goalpost drop to pane. The slime block with an end rod on it is also a very unique design
Difficulty: There are a few very technical and dynamic jumps which are low probability. There really needed sub-level checkpoints, but none were included.

The top spot goes to Noodlez, but the other builds ordered by difficulty:

1: Noodlez
2: Rachel
3: Connor
4: Elses

You can do this map at /warp CommunityParkour!
[Image: P4HqY8y.png]

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