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How to set prices?
I am thinking of opening a shop to unload some of the goods I have accumulated, but how do others decide on their prices? Checking all the other shops doesn't seem practical. Is there a list of suggested prices somewhere?

Most small shops base their shop prices off of the larger shops on the server. Those prices are usually based off of supply/demand of an item, how common it is, and some prices of items are based off of the prices at the server shop, /warp shop. As far as I know, there isn't a list of suggested prices for items, however some items have a "standard" price you'll see across all shops, such as diamonds selling for $50 each or $450 a block. You can certainly base your prices off of larger shops if you desire, or set competitive prices compared to those larger shops; it's all up to you. Smile
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When I started a shop I visited the 3 big shops on the server at the time and set my prices around the same. If you only have a few items to sell it wont be a big task but if you are going to set up a big shop, it will take a lot more time in the beginning, but only the beginning. It's wise to make sure you don't sell the items that can be sold to warp shop, cheaper unless you don't mind getting less. You can go to warp market and get a free stall from staff to set up a little shop to save money in the beginning. A big warning if you set prices so people can sell to you, don't be surprised that you could go broke. Most people want to sell items instead of buy, its sadly turned a lot of people off having shops to come back on and find they are broke, you don't have to have sell prices. A shop should be fun and not a chore.
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Sy-store isnt a good example but be sure to check beltopia

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