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Abandoned Warp Reclamation Thread v3
This thread is a new thread for the current server for players to be able to apply to reclaim warps which have been abandoned from inactive players. Before reclaiming a warp you must follow these rules and do the following:

1) The owner of the warp must be inactive for 9 months or more. If they are banned, they must be banned for over 6 months or permanently banned. If the warp has more than one owner, then all owners must be inactive or banned (as mentioned above) If the player can not be determined from the warp with the use if /seen and /co i from staff a broadcast will go out to the server to see if anyone knows the rightful owner. From that we will decide if the warp will still be up for reclaiming or not. 

2) Warps are only up to be reclaimed if they are in use for shops, farms or any other type of service. Warps that take you to towns, builds like statues or homes will not be able to be reclaimed or unless the warp is for public server use. 

3) When reclaiming you will have to pay the same price as a current warp. ($1500 for Member+ and $1000 for VIPs). 

4) To apply to reclaim a warp, you must only apply on this thread. Reclaiming warps work on a first come first serve basis. This means that applying on a different thread or asking staff online will not mean you have the permission for the warp. The only time you should be contacting staff in game about reclaiming a warp (unless you have any questions), is when you have been given permission here on the thread to claim the warp and would like to move it to its new home. 

5) If a player returns after their warp has been reclaimed, they will be allowed to set a warp free of charge. 

6) All reclaimed warps will be listed below. You will need to follow the format when applying for a warp to be reclaimed. Or use the google forms link here

IGN: TheOnlyKat (your IGN)
Warp Name: /Warp Dye (the warp you want)
Inactivity time of old owner: 10 months
Old owners IGN: Startgirl (the original owners IGN)

(We will be checking how inactive the old owner of the warp you will be reclaiming. So please do not lie in order to get a reclaimed warp)

Please /mail TheOnlyKat on the server that you have put a request for a warp reclaim!
- KatNip
IGN: IllogicalSong
Warp Name: /Warp Wool
Inactivity time of old owner: 9 months
Old owners IGN: TexanCruiser
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
[Image: 3QynCgb.png]
[Image: BbFygKt.png]
All good for you to have illo <3
- KatNip

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