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Third and last hometown pride!
Hello everyone and welcome to the last hometown pride of the year! it is this Friday July 3! I had to move it from the last day of June to this Friday because Friday is a more convenient day and the 2 hosts (me and mint) will not be available June 30th Smile.    but PLEASE still fill out the form!   
As usual it will be at 8pm CST
9pm- est
6pm- pst
7pm- mst
All the events will be a surprise but you might expect to see some recurring events!
I am accepting donations for the raffles and money donations for the grand prize!
I hope that this is the biggest turn out since its the last pride, lets end with a bang! I hope there are lots of prizes and that We can make people happy Smile
mail gamisagirl for any questions or discord me at Gam#0188 See you all there Big Grin
call me GAM, not gamer girl, or anything of the sorts. 
Looking forward to it :>

for any other gmt folks it's at 1am btw
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]

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