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My Ht birthday
hello, I first joined the server about 4 years ago around march 13 according to Rowe. however I wanted to post this here in case someone can find any earlier dates to see my welcome message to get the exact date. I joined. I first joined with the username GAM3BABIZZ. anything helps, thank you <3
call me GAM, not gamer girl, or anything of the sorts. 
Look through your minecraft logs.
(07-25-2020, 05:29 AM)GetAnAntiXray Wrote: Look through your minecraft logs.

Sorry to intrude, however I don't think gam has logs from back then. I mean why would Gam ask for others to look through their chat logs, if they had their own? Maybe she didn't know that chat logs existed, but I would guess it's probably because she doesn't have logs due to a new computer/laptop as it's been four years, in the past five years Ive switched between two different pc's and two different laptops, to where my joindate I can never really find it because of a now gone computer,

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