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1st writing competition to celebrate the opening of /warp Library
So after a long period of procrastination, I'm almost done with /warp Library, and it will be open for sure within this week. IT'S OPEN GO CHECK IT OUT

To kick start the collection of fine writing by the server, I'm announcing the first Literary Jam writing competition! This is a competition for aspiring writers to create something for the whole server to enjoy.
Winning books will be displayed in the library!

- 1st prize: $10,000 in game money

- 2nd prize: $5,000

- 3rd prize: $3,000

- Honorable mention (2x): $1,000


For this first competition, I'm going with the Keyword Roulette to select theme. How it works:

Anyone (even if you don't intend to participate) can reply to this thread with 3 words. These words can be anything, for example:
- an object (car, computer, bread, bed, face etc.)
- a description (yellow, beautiful, bad, terrific etc.)
- a concept (subjugation, infinity, cleanliness, etc)

NOTE: It does NOT have to be these 3, your keywords can be anything, I'm just giving example

After the deadline, I will gather every word posted, and randomly pick out 3 words. Those 3 words will be the theme for the competition. Obviously no inappropriate words accepted. I will decide which word is inappropriate or not, don't argue but this but that.


Each participant can submit one book only.

Your submission must be a written book, signed with a title. There will be a drop box at /warp Library for submission. When you submit, please submit either the original, or a Copy of Original, for future archiving if needed. Please don't submit Copy of Copy.

What you write in the book must be an original work. There is no restriction on length, except the max limit of 100 page per book in MC. If you submit a plagiarized work, you're instantly disqualified.

Inappropriate content will not be accepted. This include for example: porn, overt gore, hate speech etc. Once again, I will decide if a work is inappropriate or not. If it is, I might give you a chance to rewrite, or disqualify.

Edit (29/7): Low quality writing would also not be considered for prize giving either. That means if I deem your submission low quality, and even if fewer than 5 people participated, you will still not get a prize. Low quality basically means something that would fail as an English class work submission for a secondary school grade kid, i.e. riddled with spelling mistakes, grammar error, whole pages without punctuation. Once again, I decide what is low quality


Keyword selection: Post your reply here with the 3 keywords by 15 August. I will select the keywords on 15 Aug, and update here, as well as ingame at /warp Library

Writing: The deadline for work submission is 15 Sept, 1 month after the keywords are posted.

Disclaimer (legalese shits): Participants still own the copyright to the works that they submit, which means they can reproduce and sell it as they want. EspInquisition will not sell copies of the works without the author's permission. 

Thanks for joining this and happy writing!
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My 3 words are Dog, Animal, Holiday
[img][Image: MzzZfHb.jpg?2][/img]
Mine are
1.) Eye
2.) Beautiful
3.) Halloween
Hand, Ineffable, emptiness
- KatNip
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Edit: NO, it doesn't have to be object-description-concept, it can be anything. Like car-toilet-despair or below-computer-terrible. ANY 3 WORDS
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Earned my right to drop this joke with 1000 votes
lonely, magic, restaurant
call me GAM, not gamer girl, or anything of the sorts. 
guitar, confused, Chick-fil-A

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