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2 months of progress
Greetings everyone!

I thought id share 2 months of on/off progress for the town of Dagorhir. all in all im really happy of the current progress and i estimate about another 2 monhts of more work to get the rest done. 

for those of you who dont know... Dagorhir is a 730x840 block town across the ocean to the NE of spawn. It is being built by me (Wareriley), D1rty_D1anna, and other members of the server. 

here is the before map wall:::    https://ibb.co/9WH8ByX


here is the after map wall:::    https://ibb.co/7yWHtHY

i look forward to hosting events inside the town as well as getting the town shop and various resource farms up and running
Looks great Smile
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

looking good Big Grin
[Image: mBAdwE6.png]
i keep flipping back and forth to just keep noticing all the differences, nice work! Smile <3
- KatNip
Thanks guys. im planning on hosting something once its all done.

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