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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Both But this one is for SMP

Minecraft name: vandad

Reason for your ban: Chest theft

Who banned you: Ender

Why should you be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because my friend had said that if you do /warp diamonds, there is op stuff and it was unclaimed and you could take it, He said this in VC in Discord, (Note: After I got banned I realized he meant that I could take it but I shouldn't've'd taken The stuff Either Way,) (Note 2: Even After That, My friend said that the owner told him to test me and my other friend.) Then I Warped there and took Some Of the stuff And put it in a chest, After that, My friend said OMG There Are so many OP things in this chest, And told me to TPA'd to him, So I did, And after that, when I TPA'd to him, I realized That there was a sign saying to not grief, So when I saw that sign, I went back to my chest so I could return the stuff, But I got banned before I could return the stuff. I know what I did was wrong and should've been punished All tho it was an accident, And I had not seen that sign when I had taken the stuff, I was thinking of the ban could be replaced with a Temp Ban.
Lastly I hope you understand why I want to be unbanned.

Why do you want to come back: I want to come back because this is a server That I really enjoy Playing on, And I loved how everything in the server was made.
Hi there,

So one thing I don't understand is why you took the items from /warp diamond even though there are multiple signs saying not to- this is pictured below.

[Image: nGupA4v.png]

Was it out of curiosity? Just because you could? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. 

But let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you didn't see these signs. Even though it's unclaimed and everything is able to be taken out of the chest, it's STILL a rule violation. See rule #6 pictured below from /rules.

[Image: 2MfTyCM.png]

You even had to complete a tutorial with this information when you first joined the server.

[Image: ZQd1jXR.png]

It's extremely hard to claim ignorance here. But let's move on.

This is what you took out of the chest.

[Image: phdIWYD.png]

You claim that, upon realizing that there was a sign on the chest saying not to touch, you immediately went back to the chest at which you stored the stolen items so that you could return them to the chest at /warp diamond. The problem here is, that didn't happen. You instead left the server before I could confront you, after which you were banned. This is also pictured below.

[Image: Wc2HPXW.png]

I don't appreciate being lied to. Lying in your appeal isn't going to get you unbanned. You've also been constantly violating Rule #1 (Be respectful to other players and staff. Don't be annoying on purpose. This includes racism, sexism, and backtalk), spamming, and ignoring staff, which we'd like to discuss here as well. Your appeal is denied until you address all of these and post an appeal that doesn’t tell lies.
On top of the theft, you have refused to listen to staff the entirety of your stay on the server. You have been told not to spam caps, and you do not stop. You've been warned, kicked, and muted and refuse to listen to the rules.

This happened in the discord as well, you were told to drop a topic, you didn't
Instead you 1) kept talking about it 2) argued about why 'you weren't talking about it' 3) completely ignore staff again

Had you not been banned for ender for theft I would have banned you for consistent rule 1 violations
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
[Image: 3QynCgb.png]
[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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