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Poll: Is Erwin Rommel ( war hero who opposed Hitler from the Wehrmacht, spared POWs and refused to arrest the Jews and the desert fox) offensive?
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Yes (because I didn't do my research and all Germans in WWII are evil)
0 0%
I'm a child who doesn't know how to make a poll that isn't biased as fuck.
102 100.00%
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Open letter: longtime issues and concerns.
Greetings all, 
Murphdog2/Minerdeviant here former player and community member of HT SMP.
After a long period of inactivity I believed now would be a good time (after time has passed and any hot blood cooled) to voice my public complaints, grievances and other rants to the public:

I joined HT sometime before I moved over 4 years ago and Found a amazing server that consistently hit on top 10s on several server sites, filled with a active community and friendly staff the server was a perfect fit for most people looking for a SMP bulking experience... but as my time passed I noticed several things that are of have changed

1: censorship was rather concrete at first and allowed for clear enforcement of equality and respect... 
2: lots and I mean LOTS of staff cohesion and a successful system of staff promotion/merit and very checks and balances to provide unbiased enforcement 
3: fun plugins such as vehicles and other such things

Near the end of my time in HT I saw these things change and abandon what I enjoyed most on the server:

1: draconian enforcement of anything the mods disagreed with, even if in semi-private builds (no offense to Uberdeathbunny but I am still salty about the stairs, nothing but respect though) but the harshest came from newer staff with high bleeds into my second issue
2: staff drama began bleeding in, remembering derpedos and that whole debacle, promotion of people based on relationship and ignoring others... ____ being removed from  staff despite not being as inactive as other staff... bt other staff were great (ambulrD and Geckorian come to mind, as well as others who I can't quite remember) 
3: the promise of new vehicles and other such plugins... which as far as I am aware have not been reimplemented while the OTHER server that I shall not name managed it

Lastly personal gripes:
1: the server lost its "mature feel"
2: I got a DM about my image, fight me I'll defend Erwin Rommel as a good guy and I refuse to change
3: 2 map restarts in quick succession
4: somebody got pissed at me for making a iron cross
5: I find _____ really Fukien annoying
6: ya lost a lot of good staff
7: a undersea sea pickle swastika created a 2 page ban appeal after we couldn't find it
8: a staff jumping in got 3 users banned over _____ and litrally involved almost every level of staff because of the drama
9: I personally find this one hilarious, but I managed to build a concentration camp and didn't get in trouble, 3 secret nazi gold reserves and built 3-4 TOG II*s across the map, not a complaint I just thought it was funny
10: if the current ability to purchase ingame currency is still in effect doesn't that break Microsoft policy
11: litrally again somebody complained about my profile pic, if it's still a issue FIGHT ME
12. The server seems full of kids
14: I skipped my 13th complaint 
15 I still think nobody has responded to jackatax s bam appea (he was unbanned but it is funny there was no official response) (it's bearwares post btw)

Sincerely Minerdeviant,
Edgelord supreme, builder of probably racist things, hater of _________
Used X-ray for 3 days and didn't get caught until Uber and deadcore looked, pirate of NES games (bra geck I still have the emulator A M A Z I N G) , exploiter of economies, builder of NSA and JSA and lastly former HT player who got heartbroken by the server
I have a lot to say here, but for now I'll take your points one at a time.

1.  Chat rules had to evolve over time as people, yourself being a huge contributor, kept skirting around the spirit of the rules with "but it's not against the written rules to say ____ (insert offensive shit here)" The server is still considered mature, we allow cursing and conversations about mature topics so long as they don't evolve into arguments or get too graphic to be comfortable in a public setting.
2. Regardless of what he did later in life he was a nazi soldier, wearing an iron cross in the photo. You shouldn't have been allowed to have it in the first place honestly.
3. As to your point about the two map resets in quick succession, blame the updates ?‍ Minecraft java already has performance issues even on good hardware, so yeah, we reset again to be able to keep the server running.
4. Yeah, Nazi shit has no place here, and the fact that you're even surprised/upset over that says a lot.
5. Many of us find your incessant bullying and harassment of players on the server to be really annoying, and yet we let you stick around, at least until just now.
6. Yeah, people's lives change and things happen, as for the staff member you name dropped, all I'll say is that you probably shouldn't try to talk about situations that you are not directly aware of.
7. These are all words and yet not a coherent thought to be found, I'm assuming you're complaining about your ban for building swastikas. Again, nazi shit has no place here and you were damn well here long enough to know that.
8. Not sure which situation you're talking about but I'm fairly certain it's one of the many times you got in trouble for being a raging dick in discord, considering that was what you regularly did. The number of times I had to join calls just because I got complaints of you being an ass to people was astronomical.
9. "And I would have gotten away with it too if I didn't out myself in a public forum and get myself permabanned by an admin months later"
10. No
11. See #2
12. "oh no! A game about playing with blocks has kids!!!1"
14. Sounds like a "you" problem
15. He was unbanned, I don't believe I was the one that handled that ban but he was obviously allowed back. 

Here's my biggest issue here. If you had voiced these concerns without being a raging asshole about it, and insulting our players, you might have been heard out, at least somewhat. But instead this just reads as "Wahhhh censorship!! They won't let me make/say nazi shit and bully people"

It's really a lot of words to say "they won't tolerate my nazi worship so I found a server that will" 

All of this is to say, get lost, you won't be missed.
Discord: Guy#1507 
Well thank you for replying to my open letter guy, and especially thank you for proving my point on why the hometown server is going downhill:
Unprofessional staff making ad hominum attacks instead of actually addressing the issue...
Thank you for the perma-ban on a build that was approved by a admin last year and already deleted with the world reset Smile
To address your point s one by one and show how you're truly proving my point on why the server is no longer on top tens and filled with whining kids and staff with a smug sense of cheeky superiority I shall begin:
1: chat rules evolve, yes but it appears that the servers are evolving backwards... less concrete and more vague and unequal in the enforcement of such... you claim that most of it was because of me and that may be true. I wonder why too then server join rate and ranking is down... maybe some correlation perhaps... that people don't like overly strict and vague rules that make the server a safe place of political correctness?
2: "Regardless of what he did later in life he was a nazi soldier, wearing an iron cross in the photo. You shouldn't have been allowed to have it in the first place honestly" you do know iron crosses aren't only nazi right? For example the Chilean army has them, the Prussians used them and it is used as a symbol of orders of knights. Would you prefer I put a picture of Mussolini? Or do you just not like it? Would it be better if I used a image of governing without a iron cross? Stop being a sensitive little snowflake, Erwin Rommel was a great man who was implicated in a ASSASSINATION attempt on Hitler! Jesus your sense, (thanks for editing my poll too ding dong really shows maturity and professionalism when you change what you don't agree with... do some research you might learn something)
3: boo hoo Minecraft updated... don't care my point still stands... you created a extra world then reset both... nice... instead of deleting one you lagged your own server out...
4: iron cross does not equat nazi, it was for a wwi imperial German (monarchist reactionary government almost exact opposite of nation socialism) smooth... confusing a imperial symbol of the Kaiser with amazing symbol, learn about context dingy. It could've been Chilean or Templar for all you knew.
5:hahahahaha my point still stands, ____ is a whiny bitch who complained after blowing his own base up on a modded server.
6: BET I'll complain about what I want and the whole point is that it was from my own perspective. You didn't address the point of the staff infighting, heard you guys lost 3 admins recently :b
7: look in my ban appeals it was funny... we lost a swastika made of sea pickles that was underwater and couldn't smash it... good times were had, me and my friends still laugh at the situation!
8: I got in trouble on the discord once... and it was because derp jumped into a conversation and banned me with no context... it lead to 3 pages of ban appeal and involved almost every level of staff... she also banned jackatax11 for no reason other then he was there ...
9: I litrally got the ok from a admin to build it. It was in the old server... so thanks for the ban for something already cleared showing how inconsistent the rules are and banning someone for something that doesn't exist anymore *slow claps* I don't even play anymore XD you can ask jack, deadcore or FuzzyTrex54. It all already happened and I was cleared Uber even know about my secret nazi gold rooms I built beneath jacks house as a prank
10: I'd double check that Smile here's the current Microsoft policy http://tinyurl.com/4m6eoes  relating to mineceaft.
11: still failed to do research as I see, guess I'll just use a picture of MAO or Osama bin laden if you care so much about the German medal of heroism he got in the First World War!
12: ye, the server is full of little kids who dragged it down, no wonder the server hasn't been on the top lists and is losing members (didn't answer the question you cheeky boy)
13: the complaint ended up here
15: I am aware... that's the point, still no response on it! Waiting to see it resolved :b but I guess derp  admitting  she was wrong to ban a innocent for a petty reason isn't something you condone
Thank you for proving my points about the server going downhill and not showing more respect to the users we're staff apply vague rulings, ban you for things others said was okay, act self righteous, refuse to do research and make generalizations about somebody "worshiping nazis"
I am aware that I won't be missed, because people like you (self rightous power abusers) don't like people who disagree with them Smile
Also please change the poll back, you editing it is like a kid saying NO U when confronted with a actual piece of criticism

Me according to guy: hahaha I worship nazis and don't know about history :b
Me IRL: supports Israel, studies history precisely, friends with like 5 Jewish people who agree with me on censorship being dumb and calling out people who don't learn about context because they are sure their right

Also I changed my image, this one doesn't have a iron cross or any other nazi symbolism, just Hermann Goering, a actual nazi ... hopefully that's better, wouldn't want a little kid seeing a stylized imperial German cross and getting triggered
Yeah nah, I left your biased poll answer up to show how childish the poll was to start with considering it wasn't an actual poll with real answers, it was just you whining to make a point.

As for the iron cross, sure, it was used by other groups, so was the swastika. Guess what else we don't allow on our server.

Finally, while the ban was in relation to the builds as well, as from my perspective you were essentially just bragging abt getting away with it after being told repeatedly to knock off the nazi shit, the primary reason was your incessant bullying of one of our players, culminating in a direct name-drop callout on this post, which I had to edit out. Following which you decided to do so again, earning yourself a permanent ban here as well.

As for your EULA question, directly from Minecraft's page on server monetization: You MAY... "use and sell in-game virtual currencies IF (i) they have no real-world value and that cannot be cashed out, used, or transferred across free or paid servers, or into any other currency with real-world value; (ii) you don't give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang, (iii) they don't look like or have similar names to Minecoins or any other official virtual currency, and (iv) anything you sell with the currency follows our monetization guidelines."

On your note of staff "infighting", there are certainly disagreements here and there but the situation you were talking about did not go the way you seem to think it did, and it is not my place to make comments on a former staff member, they are aware of the reasons behind them not being able to rejoin the team after stepping down, and I am quite certain that that decision did not involve you.

As for your point about Erwin Rommel, regardless of if he was a good guy towards the end of his career, he was a Wehrmacht soldier and supported Hitler's rise to power, but really it's this is just another excuse for you to try offend people and to skirt the rules with "well ackshuallllly" style logic, a good demonstration of the logic that led to us having to give more leeway with staff when it came to policing chat right there.  

Finally as a note to my professionalism here. The staff team as a whole has given you more chances than you rightfully deserved, in large part due to one of the staff members you called out in your post wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt on certain situations, and we took their opinion into consideration. That ended the moment that you decided to throw personal attacks towards our players, as did any modicum of respect I may have had for you. As a result, this is the side of me you get.
Discord: Guy#1507 

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