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Ban appeal (trying to get those I affected unbanned)
Minecraft name: Spacebar000

Reason for your ban: xray

Who banned you: melaniebeedot/belgnbor

I am truly sorry, I did use x-ray, however, in the process of banning me you also banned JackCreeper1028 along with, I'm not completely sure but, Ilovecats2006 which is totally unnecessary. I used x-ray, not them, they were in no was involved and it is entirely my fault for what happened. They were banned because the ban was an IP ban because we are all friends and have logged into the same computer, however, it should not have been this way. They are not involved and didn't even know I was using x-ray. I will promise you I will stay far away from this server as long as you unban them. They were enjoying the game while I was ruining it, please let them return not me.

I did not realize my actions could've affected them and I am truly sorry and I swear to never do it again or even join. You can delete all my stuff from my chests and get rid of my house as long as you unban them, please and thank you. I know that this server was made to have fun and I ruined that and violated the rules, I was irresponsible and angry but I truly hope you can look past that. I know that saying sorry is probably not enough and I get that but I really am, i know there is no real way to make it up to you so I am sorry about that as well but please unban them or at least think about it. This is really unfair to the both of them and I know they are very upset with me and I am upset with myself as well to be honest.

I'm not sure how you will unban them without unbanning me but I hope you can figure it out. I'd also like to apologize one more time and to say that they did not deserve what happened to them and I hope you can realize this. I'm not the best at writing but I hope that you can understand and get how they're feeling about this, they love this server and I am extremely disappointed in myself for ruining their fun.
Yes, x-ray bans are an automatic IP ban.

ilovecats2006 was online an hour ago so i don't think she's been affected by your actions, however, i do see that JackCreeper1028 is also listed under the same IP as you, so i have unbanned the IP but at this time your personal username remains banned.
Thank you, that's all I needed, Gooday to you.

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