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We All Float Down Here
My suggestion is let all players, of any rank or VIP status, to be able to fly in res on it's last day before reset.

Yes fly is a 2+ rank but letting other try it in a real setting, showing how versatile and useful it is, may encourage players to get VIP 2+

Also res is quite picked apart by the last day, so it's not like anyone will have a major advancement in resource gathering in getting items like hearts off the sea or sponges etc.

Elytra's can of course can be used to fly but at $4k and with the risk of loosing them, they tend to be out of reach of many and new but very keen players.
This is an interesting idea, my only issue with it is that it would require an additional active day for staff in the res reset process, which is already a very busy time for staff.


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