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Banned for xray
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Smp

Minecraft name: Flolesss

Reason for your ban: X-raying

Who banned you: Melaniebeedot and Elsio

Why should you be unbanned: I will give back what i x-rayed for and my balence can be set to zero .

Why do you want to come back: I'm going thru a rough time and i just messed up everything, im so sorry i x-rayed. i feel bad about it and it will never happen again

I hope u have a happy new year
Let me be very clear about this: we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for x-ray. Which is made abundantly clear from the moment you join the server. 

It's in the rules listed immediately upon joining for the first time

[Image: OazpXnV.png]

It's in the quiz you take immediately following the rules tutorial:

[Image: d1Nv4nN.png]

And it's in the /rules which are easily accessible to refresh your memory.. Notice that it says "will result in a permanent ban."

[Image: sS2vHvG.png]

Aside from all that, it's known far and wide among all players on the server that x-ray is a BIG no-no. So there's really no way you didn't know this wasn't allowed when you decided to do it anyways.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the Ban Appeal Format page:

[Image: TqXjOI8.png]

Because we have ZERO TOLERANCE for x-ray on our server, x-ray appeals are very rarely accepted unless they are really good. I'm guessing you didn't see this PSA, because it says an x-ray appeal must be long and well written in order to even be considered... or it will be denied.

Considering how short your appeal is, I'm going to deny it. I did warn you in the ban message... "This better be really good."

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