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Stronghold Hide and Seek
As many know me and knockduster have been working on a stronghold for the past couple weeks. I am proud to announce that on Thursday the 21st we will be hosting an all day game of hide and seek at this very stronghold. There will be many rounds with many great prizes some of the prizes will be: cash, shulker boxes (both full and empty), and the top two prizes will be vouchers one for a free interior decorating job from me and from knock a voucher for up to 500 worth of art. the Strongholds warp is Bhirum. Cant wait to see you all there  Big Grin Have fun and good luck all
That's awesome! What time?
(01-16-2021, 11:30 PM)elsio Wrote: That's awesome! What time?

it will get started probably around 10 am CST and it will run until we either run out of prizes or no one wants to hide anymore
As the time gets closer here are the 3 rules that we have for making this a fun and fair game for all involved.
1. no vanish (applies to staff)
2. no disguise (this makes it un fair)
3. no hiding in the caves (you will get lost and i will laugh, also only like 70% of them are lit up)

Cant wait to see you all there.

Also we will be pausing the event for the trial of bill the snowman this will take place at warp court at 6 pm CST

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