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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on: Smp

Minecraft name: ternianfromhoth

Reason for your ban: greifing, but i was not aware that i greifed anybody, and i definately did not greif on purpose

Who banned you: melaniebeedot

Why should you be unbanned: I was not trying to grief and if you inform me of what I did I will endeavor to fix it

Why do you want to come back: It is a great server and I enjoy playing on it.
On our server we define griefing as touching something that belongs to another player without their permission, this includes breaking and placing blocks, killing animals, basically altering anything. The grief you were involved in was at a player's warp, /warp diamond. The player specifically has put up a sign reminding players not to touch their stuff.

It looks like you've had your hands all over their stuff inside their shulker box, some of which wasn't even put back:

[Image: mWbDjKO.png]

You also broke a block here and replaced it with something else:

[Image: 3UDKn7n.png]

As well as here:

[Image: UQzLiaq.png]

All in all, 156 items and 7 blocks changed, and not all of it returned:

[Image: LKFf5E1.png]

So keep in mind, that we have records of every single move you make, so please, don't touch what doesn't belong to you. Players have a right to their belongings, claimed or not, without having to worry about whether or not someone is going to come and mess with it, it's in our rules.
ok, i wil not do it again, can i please be unbanned
You've been unbanned.

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