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Hello all hometowners!
I randomly thought of an Idea to host a lottery so at the end of each month one lucky winner can win a jackpot of money!
Here are the rules:
1.First, go to /warpGam, follow the red carpet that leads to a chest. on the chest you will see a chest shop (with my alt name) and you can buy 1 ticket for $100.
2.the max amount of tickets you can buy is 5.(I can check my logs so don't buy any more, I you do I will only put your name in 5 times.
3.I will put all your names in a wheel spin app and at the end of the month I will spin it and whoever it lands on will be the winner of the jackpot.
4.there is no telling how much the jackpot will be because I can't tell how many people will buy tickets.
5.I will not be entering but I will put in $300 (not buying 3 tickets so others can buy them) to put some more money towards the jackpot.
6.If you enter into the lottery but are later banned within the month you forfeit your spot and may try again next month if you your appeal is approved(thats if you even did appeal)
7.please do not spam message me about the lottery
8.do not constantly ask me what the prize is because I don't know because you can still buy tickets the last day of the month.
9.this rule is similar to rule 6 but if you win are the winner of the months jackpot but are later banned and if you choose to appeal and it gets accepted you will only be allowed to buy 1 ticket instead of 3.(don't buy multiple because I can check and I will still only put your name in once)
10.for example: since I thought of this at the end of February you would have until the 28th(last day of month) to buy tickets. then on march 1st I will announce the winner for Februarys lottery. but on march 1st you can also begin buying tickets for the month then April 1st I will announce the winner for march.
11.lastly, have fun! I did this because I know people might struggle to get money or are saving up to buy vip or just saving up for something.
12.you can also donate money to the lottery! please MAIL xGAMx before donating because the money is going to my alt.
13. if. you win the jackpot and if its over 30k you cannot win again the next month so it can be fair. you can still donate if you'd like. so if you win a jackpot February thats over 30k you cannot win/enter the lottery for march. you can re-enter in April.
14. if you win and are unavailable for 1 week you forfeit the prize and I will re roll again
15. you cannot give some or all of your money to someone else if you have more then 200k just to enter and get your money back later if you win.
16.this is just a clarification but: I pull the winner on the first of each month and also on the first of each month you will be able to buy the new tickets.
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