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/shop HUD, but it's Organized Warps instead.
Personal Prelude
|Hello, I am a player who has participated in many survival servers since 2013, and I am willing to suggest features and ideas to developing servers. These suggestions can - obviously - be taken into consideration by the moderators, and adjust these features to fit the theme of the community.

Server Review
|I first joined this server 4 days ago (16.3.2021), and I want to say that I fell in love with the community and the environment within the server, furthermore inspiring me to spend effort and design my new project in survival.
|There are some aspects and factors that make this server unique. 1; the community is truly friendly and has continued to support the server for long durations. 2; the server isn't plugin-heavy in survival, i.e. there is no McMMo, custom enchants, OP crates. Plus, the economy/marketing in this server is something that I haven't come across before; 
  • You can't sell crops,
    which stops players from breaking the economy from cactus farms, etc. 
  • /warp shop is limited,
    which allows players in the community to create their own marketing system and allow for more player interaction. (*and I LOVE that)
|I wanted to introduce my review to the server above^ because I want to make sure that I make a suggestion that fits the theme of the server, and that my suggestion doesn't involve breaking the system of the server.
|The suggestion that I considered introducing would be the addition of /shop HUDs to the server. I have realized that this server contains players going through the system of typing /warp shoplist, and looking at all the random usernames - WITH NO DESCRIPTION - and then warping to players that may sell items that you are looking for. Sometimes, you may warp to players that don't sell the items you want, or someone else is selling them cheaper. 
|Do you see the minor flaw? It's not a huge deal, because players of the community have been used to this system of navigation - I get that. However, this feature can be improved to help new players in the community, and allow navigators to easily warp to markets with 100% satisfaction and accuracy. 
|Here's my concept in visuals, though moderators/developers can adjust this to however they like:
|This is a video that I have quickly put together. 
|The only thing I am curious about is if there is a plugin that makes this implementation possible.

|Analyzing the content in the video, you will be able to navigate the /shop HUD and warp to shops that sell specific items, with the help of the player's warp description, and where they choose to place their warps in the /shop HUD.
||This will also remove the unnecessary need to "remember" people's warps, and/or remove the need to ask the chat about who sells what. aNd it will also simplify the need to use /warp shoplist. 

|Thank you for reading, and thanks to everyone who contributes to the quality of the server!

|This is a Q&A. Reply with questions if you are concerned about something.

Are you talking about /warp warplist?
|Yes, but with more specificity, and allows for a more accurate overview of all the existing warps that have been made.
|Consider this: You are looking to sell and/or buy items. It could be armor, building blocks, etc, anything. There may be shops that you can recognize, such as /warp illo or /warp reapsshop, because that is what players often tell you when you ask about who sells/buys what, limiting you to all the other existing warps that exist. /warp warplist may show some warps that you don't recognize, but they might not include all of the warps that have been made in this server.
|With the addition of the new /shop HUD, we can allow players to access all the existing warps that the community has made, allowing for more social interactions.
I am grateful that thoughts don't appear as bubbles over our heads.

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