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BottledEXP Plugin
Hey all, i have a suggestion regarding a plugin to allow players to deposit and withdraw XP lvls from bottles to save people from having anxiety attack for venturing with friends and risk losing over 9000! xp lvls or somethin like that XD.


this link provided above is to a spigot specific plugin. And from what i see, it can be used with configuration to ingame $$$

Overall this should save everyone from having to either grind back for all the lvls they might have lost by accident and be able to store em for use later.

Another benefit is the ability to repair armor from stored xp bottles given whatever stored amount gets used, slowing traffic to xp mob farms for other guest ranked+ players to use for repairing their tools/armor, unless intention is for gold nuggets and or other items at other mob farms. Also Disable exp drop from mob spawners for any mob farms made for resource gather to lighten the load of entities of xp orbs sitting in bulk at multiple mob farms loaded in by the players.

This feature should be also available to players atleast [Advanced]+ ranks and VIP1 to give all the earlier players a chance to explore xp farms and those contemplating to stick around long term to be able to bank their xp for future use for self/shops.

Please have a look through the link and see what you think about it. thankies Big Grin.
Great suggestion! I would agree and contribute to the addition of /withdraw, where you would store money in banknotes. But for the EXP bottles... eh.

You see, the best thing that I have noticed about this server is the fact that they try to be as vanilla as possible; as clean as possible from plugins.

I said yes to the banknotes idea, because... obviously... economy doesn't exist in vanilla Minecraft, so adding an additional plugin on top of an existing plugin doesn't seem like a bad idea.
Although bottling exp doesn't seem like a bad idea! Especially to people who reach the 50s and 100 levels... but... having the ability to /bottle exp would just be cheating death. If we had the ability to /bottle our exp, why don't we have Keep Inventory? Same situation. Even though it is frustrating to lose everything when dying, that is pretty much the essential ingredient for playing vanilla Minecraft. Death is a part of the fun because you get to think about strategies to overcome frustration, coming up with questions like:
"How can I reclaim my [God Gear/EXP] asap after I witness a sudden death?" Answers to that would be:
Build an EXP Bank (with furnaces) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29p8J0Y-qN4 This is just an example).
Build a mob farm.
Build a villager room. Trading Hall.
Prepare several sets of god armour.
I'm sure there are several more, but these are just examples of the multiple ways of overcoming death in Minecraft.
I am grateful that thoughts don't appear as bubbles over our heads.
Yes, i have thought through the process , if you wanted to really cheat death vanilla is totem of undying, but aside from that, theres lots of farms already at the convience of players, the ability to limit xp orbs from farms for resource, example iron farm if it builds up and or spider farms if not made to dispel the lingering orbs, the effect of server stability
for advanced+ rank players, takes quite alot of votes, and for players who have by then made personal farms, and or xp bankers, (from super smelters or xp bankers from bamboo/cactus farms) ppl will be at the point for having the highest xp. For vip1 players to access it also will be justified for the feature to be wanting to invest their time more in the premium rank tiers

players will be too worried to go out to places for too long with 100+ lvls for risk of mob attacks if they happen to dip to afk for situations.
i have thought through the processes and theres no boost to xp gain , just a way to store it, and in configuration with in game econ money, itll still be using systems in place in the game, if we were pure or lil closer to vanilla, some more plugins wouldnt have existed in place where they are now.
Bottling XP may also be useful for Secret Santa gift exchanges and the like, they would also be able to be sold in shops which I feel may be interesting? Just putting forward some thoughts, not sure how the rest of you feel
I personally am opposed to this idea. I've been on servers with bottlexp and I might be biased since the communities on those were toxic/homophobic which made the experiences I had with them be shed in a bad light such as the plugins like bottlexp or banknotes. However, bottling xp doesn't seem like the best way to go for what hometown feels. One of the most nonvanilla things I can think of on hometown is the /fly for vip2s and up. Even so, bottling xp would lead to this era and period of nonvanilla becoming the norm where the playerbase justs asks for more stuff such as banknotes, then it will be holograms I guess, and so on. I personally think hometown best encompasses a place where players can build and make friends and build empires, and so on so the bottling xp wouldn't negate that, however to me it spiritually feels out of place towards the essence of hometown I encapture. I can see it being implemented, however, I would rather it wouldn't be.
Trouble is we could get to the point that death has no consequences, especially for players with /back

Also a question of why does a player need such high XP maybe a bit of fun as a personal quest?
It's always better to use the experience in book combining or tool/armour making.

I did think the other day, a voting reward of XP could be fun? Believe it is possible for Admin to add a number of XP to a player.

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