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Hall of Warriors
Hello HT playas,

I am constructing a Wall of Warriors arena to display warriors representing my castle. The Wall of Warriors will have a warp, which means you will be able to visit anytime you want. The construction work for the hall has not begun yet but soon will.  

If any players wish to be on the warrior wall, you may donate your head at warp cheapshop.
There is a donation chest meant for head donation only, on the right side of the door once you enter Cheapshop.

You are also REQUIRED to come up with a warrior title that represents yourself which will be labeled below your ign on the wall. 

Those who are interested, please reply to this thread with your ign and warrior title. Then, do not forget to donate your head.

Example: TheReem93, Emerald Knight

Thats because i love doing raid and collect emeralds. So it represents me at my best...lol

You are not allowed to choose a warrior title that has been taken/chosen by other players. Therefore it's a first come first serve basis. Scroll on the thread to verify if someone has chosen the title you have in your mind. If no, go ahead and post a reply of your ign and title. 

So far these titles have been taken, therefore chose something else if you have these in your mind.

1. TheReem93, Emerald Knight
2. Zekrom, Black Knight
3. Jkoke, Duck Noble ( he wanted Duck so badly, idk why..lol) 

You have plenty of time to come up with one. I will announce the last date for donation and volunteering when the hall is a week away from completion. Until then, you got time. 

Once the deadline for donation and volunteering is due, a list of player's ign with their title will be posted on this forum. This enables the volunteers to check if something is incorrect, misspelled, or left out. 

If everything goes well, the list will be finalized. Once everything is completed, the warp will be announced in chat and forum under Off Topic. 

If you have further questions, you may reply to this thread or just ask me when I'm online. 

Thank you!

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Yoo this is amazing! Nice job on making this!

IGN: HqppyFeet
Warrior Title: Forepaw's Wrqth
(Because Synonym of Feet is Forepaw, and the opposite of Happy is Wrath... ye)
I am grateful that thoughts don't appear as bubbles over our heads.

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