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Hey kid, wanna take a warp?
If there's any of my public (or private) warps that someone wants to own/maintain (excluding my shops) let me know (Probably on discord if possible cause I don't check here v often)


IlloTrade/trade/subsquent sub-warps: Now owned by NickelessNick99
IlloGuard: Now owned by xGAMx
IlloGold/xpfarm/illogicalgold: Now owned by xGAMx
NetherFarm: Now owned by jkoke13
IlloSlime/slime: Now owned by ThatOneWolfe
Smelter/smelt: Now owned by [Server]
Things: Now owned by [Server]
Warp piglin, warp illobarter: Now owned by Elsio Warp
BadOmen/Warp IlloOmen: Now owned by Elsio
Warp IlloRaid: Now owned by Elsio
Warp SuperSmelt: Now owned by Elsio
Warp IlloString: Now owned by TheDutyPaid

New warp owner can change the warp names, add onto the warp. The warp must stay a free public farm as it's main functionality if that is how it was originally (which most of my warps are)


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