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heart event
    OK well hey peeps so uh if you know me c0w then you know I'm not on a lot but I want to make an event in honor of my baby brother he is having heart surgery on the 23 so I want to do an event on the 22 he is not a part of hometown after all he's only 1 but I do wanna say he's a warrior because this is his fifth surgery and again he's  only one anyway the event is a competition for who can paint the best heart here are the rules

1. no griefing
2. comment your name if u wanna enter
3. the warp will be held at /warp kingarthurscourt bc Arthur is my baby brother's name
4. winner gets 150k 2nd gets 5k
5. you have to follow the rules to participate 
6. feel free to advertise whoever wants to can but they have to participate to advertise
7. ill have easels set up  but you can do it yourself 
8. enter the paintings into the hopper
9. The biggest painting size is a 3x3 any bigger than that I don't accept
10. if ur doing a 3x3 or a 2x2 or a whatever number the paintings from left to right and from up to down
11. ill judge the painting on the 5th of august  so you have until then to finish
anyway, a lot of work was put into this enjoy!
Credits: TheDutyPaid = Donated 20k Money to the winner. Knocksuster = Donated 5k for 2nd place and others
new time for the heart event closing changed it may keep changing until I get a lot of people to join

I wish to enter just for fun and would also like to donate $20k to the prize fund.

Sending all my love to Arthur too. 
omg, duty ur so nice! thank you!
I'll join myself and will contribute 5k to the pot.
aww ty
Big Grin I know I'm busy on the 22nd but I'll give you 20k from my end too Big Grin

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