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Checking in!
Hey everyone! Long time no see for the old timers! I used to run around with NotaSouthernGirl, aka NotaChicken. Just dropping a post to see how everyone is doing. Haven't been on in a few years, but then again, I am a father now with a 4 year old and a second one on the way. Been wanting to get back in to MC, so I've been throwing around the idea of coming back here to play, even if it is Vanilla. Last time I actually played was before the great server wipe. I was building around with Nota at /warp windwalker I think the name was. Anyway, time to get back to my fatherly duties!
hi im doing fine my brother is having his surgery more details on my post have a great day!

his sugery is on the 23*
hii! aw! would love to see you in HT =D

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