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Ban Appeal (Welp)
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: AlphaRussian

Reason for your ban: Xray... : Read all of the points, so hope I get lucky...

Who banned you: melaniebeedot

Why should you be unbanned: Well, I didn't really actually Xray, For say. What was happening, was that I head really Bad Wifi, and every now and then, I would be lagged back like a minute, but since i was still mining, just offline, I could still roughly remember where the ores that i had found were, so I would just giga drill in that rough location until i found the diamonds again. doing this over and over on repeat. I had 0 control over when my wifi would spike like that, so as long as i was in my room, and not in the living room, my wifi would spike drastically. Of course, I couldn't abuse this cuz i have 0 control over wifi spikes and it really made things a lot harder, especially if i went further away from the lag back. 

Why do you want to come back: Well, I had been looking for an SMP server for a very long time, and this was one of the first servers where there were not too many people, but still enough people to have fun. It sucks that I got banned on one of the first SMP's that I have played on, and I would really like to continue playing on this SMP, for I had already spent a lot of time on the SMP trying to build a nice base after the 3rd time relocating it.

Out of interest. It this for some reason doesn't appeal, Which Would Suck, how long would the ban be for, before I can come back and play on it again? because I would love to continue trying to build my base...

Sorry for wasting your time.
Apologies for the delayed response... we were having some technical difficulties with our forums the last few days.

Ok, so, you claim the reason it looked like  you were x-raying is because your bad wifi spiked, and the diamonds you had just found were lagged back into place, so you would remember roughly where that was, and "gigadrill" in that "rough location".

I imagine you're probably referring to this area here where you were beacon mining ~3 days ago:

[Image: iqY6MS0.png]

Barrelling through everything at y 8-12, or "gigadrilling" as you so call it, is a very common technique and can often result in a productive mining trip. 

I can see a few spots where you might claim you headed towards a "rough location" where you remember you had just found some ores that got lagged back into place, like here:

[Image: ZD7wyNo.png]

Or here:

[Image: wLbI8dn.png]

Or here:

[Image: RsjeAiV.png]

Which look awfully suspicious at first glance, but lets just go with your explanation for now.

So I waited until you mined some more the next day to see if it was still suspicious looking.

This was an odd spot, you seemed to have suddenly mined down below your gigadrill area and straight to diamonds:

[Image: WxJjPhY.png]

And then from there you tunneled very nice and straight east with a sharp turn south and straight into more diamonds:

[Image: jUiTDG9.png]

And then from there you tunnel directly southeast straight to more diamonds:

[Image: 4xB6KcC.png]

From there you dropped into another player's 25 day old strip mine and then tunneled into the wall straight to 2 more patches of diamonds:

[Image: fL0RC27.png]

I'm not sure how this is ''gigadrilling in a rough location'' anymore...

I also looked back through your past diamond breaks before 3 days ago. 

It seems you joined our server about 4.5 days ago, and within 4 hours of joining, you tunneled straight down from the surface to diamonds, and then zig zagged over to more diamonds:

[Image: g9GLhVu.png]

Another cave you zig zagged down and then tunneled straight down into, quite fortunately, and found diamonds right at the end of one of the branches hidden behind a solid wall of stone:

[Image: dHt99Sv.png]

So you see, I'm having a hard time applying your "bad wifi spiking" "gigadrilling in a rough location" logic to all of the diamonds you found. 

Perhaps you can try again and help me understand.
I Had tried something that I had saw on the Mumbo Jumbo YT channel, where you deepen the giga drill mine, so you find more diamonds,  but this was when i started having large wifi spike, so i just noted down all of the coordinates of any diamonds that I had found then, so I could go pick them up later after the spike was over, same thing happened with the 2 diamonds in the wall that i had found, I had gigadrilled, unknowingly parallel to the strip mine, and found the diamonds, of which i had also labeled down the coords earlier, so once I had found the strip mine, i used it to my advantage to get to the diamonds. and as for the one where i was 4 hours into the server, I was trying the new mining technique which i found out earlier, where you create 2 stripmines at different Y levels, going in seperate directions, allowing for the most optimum coverage of a small area, which is what I did here, but once the lag set in again, it was much easier to just mine directly to the top set of diamonds because i just passively remember which number of the strips im up to and how far out they were. usually being 5 blocks as to not over do anything.
(how do you post an image, i recreated the type of strip mine that i mean in creative, and labelled the locations with diamond blocks.)
And the part with the cave, I was playing with my friend in the same room, but on a different server, on which he had used the logical thinking of "if you cant see diamonds, you can just mine 1 block out in every place, and the odds of you finding diamonds is very large" which just basically means, you might always be 1 block away from diamonds you cant see. So i quickly logged onto the server, because it had worked WAY to well for him, and went into a cave to see his point. and I kid you not, SOMEHOW 2 blocks in, I had already found diamonds, so I owe those diamonds to him. the main reason i never sued that method further on , is because i realised it would mean you would have to be super lucky to find more diamonds, and im pretty sure my luck for the week had run out right then and there.
Furthermore, I cant open the default Minecraft launcher, because it either gives me an error message, or just doesn't open, meaning that I had been using Badlion the whole time, and im 80% sure that you cant use xray in since with Badlion/BAC...
And thanks for the response, I understand the technical difficulties that were happening, because i nearly had a damn heart attack in the morning when I had logged on, seeing that I was banned from the forums.
(Some of these thing are in a different order, so sorry about that)

*Edit - Found how to post an image*
*Edit 2 - Didnt Work*
As the second opinion on the ban I have been doing this long enough to know x-ray when I see it. Your ban stands and as creative as your excuse is we can reconstruct your breaks one by one. In the future if you decide to appeal again I would recommend not lying and actually owning up to your mistakes.

Appeal Denied.
[Image: keez3aZ.png]

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