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ban appeal
Server you were banned on:smp.hometownmc.com
Minecraft name: ermattewbtw
Reason for your ban: using x-ray
Who banned you: TheDutyPaid/Darillium
Why should you be unbanned: i never used any form of x-ray
Why do you want to come back: a lot of my friends play in this server and i want to came back to they
a proof of what i said
Posting a screenshot of your resource packs doesn't exactly prove anything, because anyone could have just deleted the pack before taking the screenshot.

First you start your mining by digging almost straight down to diamonds
[Image: NUaitXv.png]
[Image: rUyucuG.png]

Less than a minute later you find another pocket of diamonds
[Image: czx2goB.png]

A few minutes after that
[Image: hPHn2LF.png]

A minute after that one
[Image: MPj8Nzp.png]

Then a couple after that
[Image: eQz0zBF.png]

Now while I have had and seen very lucky mining days, I have never seen anyone go from diamond vein to diamond vein over different levels with minimum work, until the tunnel looks like this
[Image: NCISvUf.png]

So as your appeal stands at the moment, the staff team who have all viewed the evidence and I even brought in another staff member to see you mining, before you were banned. Is denied.

I’m willing to give you another chance at telling the truth. Do so in a new post, please make it nice and long. I enjoy a good read.

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