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ban appeal for x-ray
Server you were banned on: SMP
Minecraft name: ermattewbtw
Reason for your ban: using x-ray
Who banned you: TheDutyPaid/Darillium
Why should you be unbanned: I would like to be unbanned because I am truly sorry for what I did and I understand my mistake. I am also really grateful to you for this second chance and I would like you to agree to unban me because I also have many friends who play on this server and I would not want to stop playing it because of my mistake.
Why do you want to come back: i have a lot of friends who play in this server
I would like you to answer the following questions with effort shown for the appeal to be considered. Please take your time and do it right.

Why is X-raying bad?

How does X-raying affect other players?

How does X-raying affect the server’s economy?

If you really need an item what is a better way of getting it than using X-Ray?

Keep in mind your balance will be reset to zero, and any diamond/netherite items will be forfeit.
1: using x-ray is bad because you run out of all precious materials and you have very strong objects right from the start and should not be used.

2:using x-ray has a negative effect on other players as the materials I found would be missing for other players and for this I am very sorry

3:the x-ray affects the server economy as you can create a real monopoly and, after all, collect more and more money and consequently take it away from other players.

4: the best way to legally find materials is to buy them from other players or find them by mining.
Other staff members have been following and reviewing this case as well.

We as a team, would like to check with you, that you agree with these points.

X-ray harms the server as players who enjoy the game with the work involved in getting and building their visions. Is all part of playing together.

Players put a lot of time and pride into their shops and others spend a lot of time in order to get money to buy things. X-raying would introduce a large increase of money into the economy. This would harm many players' experience of the server.

Servers are defined by their rules, to what and how players expect gameplay to be. Future fairplay and following of all rules will be the important part.
okay, i understand very well what u meant, sorry if i cheated with x-ray on your game. i did a stupid act and i regret it so much, so if you could accept my most sincere excuses i'd like to be able to play your game again without cheating at all this time. you can even see me for every single thing i do. i wont complain about it at all because it's right. sorry for my dumbness; wish you will understand me.
Thank you.

Your ban has been changed to a temporary ban, which at time of writing will be lifted in 4 days 21 hours from now.

As before your balance has be reset to zero and any diamond you had have been removed.

Welcome back to Hometown.

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