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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Sibbalu

Reason for your banX-Ray

Who banned youNether_Ruler

Why should you be unbanned

I play with a semi modded client (provided a Full list Below) I promise you I don't use them in and mischievous ways, its only simple tools to help me with planning and building. If these are an issue I have no problem disabling them. I have never used any X-Ray!

This is all only an honest misunderstanding, if you could explain the reasons, i've been accused of XRay. i could better explain myself.

Honestly this ban was a surprise, and I am truthfully confused as to what i could have done, even tho i play with a lightly modded client i have always felt i kept my gameplay legit. That is why it is my hope we can resolve this soonest, so i can get back to playing with you all, and building up my base. 

Why do you want to come back

I was Enjoying my time on your server, its getting harder and harder to find a good server with a nice, friendly community.
I had alot of time put into my build on the server and plans to spend many more.


MaLiLib (Litematica dependant)
Mod Menu
WorldEdit (Only for Single Player, Obviously i don't have Permissions on server)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
For the future, if you need to edit a section of your appeal, you can use the "Edit" button. There is no need to copy, delete, amend, and re-paste your appeal in a separate post. I see your appeal, but I need time to reply to it. I have a life outside the server.

That being said, posting screenshots of your files doesn't really do too much justice, as you could've very easily taken out the packs/mods before taking the captures.

As for why you were accused of x-raying:

Exhibit A,
[Image: LuOT5D2.png]

You entered from the mineshaft off to the right of the picture, mined some ores, and created a direct stairway down to a vein of deepslate diamond at the bottom

Exhibit B,
[Image: 09nrLU5.png]

You were in a ravine, seen off to the left. You created a mini-tunnel to the purple, then immediately began digging down to a vein of diamond.

Exhibit C,
[Image: tnB8HUR.png]

You had mined out a vein of lapis where the pink square is. Immediately following this, you proceeded to make a direct staircase down to the diamond vein in blue.

Overall, the lack of "normal" diamond breaks was what did it in for me, and what led to your ban for x-ray. Your other diamond breaks were all surface breaks: ones you found in caves.
Yea, i apologize i don't ever use forums, I wanted to make my post as professional as possible aswell i shrunk the file size of my attachments.

i understand now. exhibit A, honestly i have no explanation other then it was probably dumb luck i was collecting the deepslate for a build i was planning.

Exhibit b & c i assure you wasn't xray as much as utilizing a mining technique someone smarter then me discovered for 1.17 diamond generation. If lapis is in the south side of a chunk you can dig 4 blocks to the north and down to diamond level = y and there is approx 80% chance for diamonds to spawn.


Apologies for the delayed reply, we were discussing your appeal as a staff team.

The method that you were using to find diamonds falls under our rule of "no exploits," similar to the clay-swamp diamond finding technique. However, since this was unknown to you, we are willing to give you another chance, so long as you don't use this mechanic going forward. Doing so will result in another ban, with more severe consequences.

I trust that you'll keep in line. Welcome back to HomeTown.

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