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RedHaseeb's Ban Appeal
- Constantly trying to enforce server rules on your own: I tried to evict a user from my town for griefing somewhere on the server, I tried because I was afraid he might do the same to my town.

- Bickering with staff over rules that you disagree with: I remember I did blicker with a staff that I disagree with a rule and I remember who the staff was but I can't remember what it was, But I have got over this eventually by not being engaged much in the chat and taking breaks from Minecraft. (I think it was regarding the Redstone Build)

Being threatening and or hostile to certain players: I do not remember threatening a player.

- Refusal to ask for help, even when having done something wrong: I could've spoken to a staff about me overselling to Nether and could've gotten the issue resolved then and there but instead I didn't and ended up getting banned.

I would also like to add that I have learnt my lesson. I will make sure not to repeat such mistake in the future. I am looking forward to be the nice guy in the community and become the kind of guy everyone likes to have. I would be very happy to come back to HomeTown. I apologize for all my words and actions against those staff members I was rude to.
- RedHaseeb
I’ll ask that you bear with me in my reply here, as I cannot use the "reply" function. Furthermore, I am aware the images towards the bottom are large and look horrible on a desktop screen. For that I apologize, as I could not resize them. Pro tip: they’re easier to read on mobile.

That being said, I wanted to go over your answers here. #1 and #4 were satisfactory. Had you asked the online staff member for help when you went overboard at my shop, we likely would not be in the situation. However, as it is, you have a good amount of offenses stacked up against you, and the shop offense was more like the final straw, not the main incident. Your response to #1 was adequate as well. You should not be telling staff members how to do their job, nor trying to act like a staff member and enforce server rules in your town without having them in the town rules as well. If you are truly concerned about a player griefing your home or town, it would be best to bring it up with them in the future, or make more specific rules in your town regarding that.
As for your reply to #2: you've had problems bickering with our staff since way back in 2019, and these issues persisted after your return from your hiatus. If I were to allow you back, I'd need your word that you won't be a problem in the future. That you'll accept the word of whatever staff member you're inquiring from without bickering with them about it or stirring up something.

Now, to address your reply to #3, I have two specific instances that came to mind:
[Image: pJhPaxq.png]
[Image: 4taZh0e.png]

This being the first. It is absolutely, under no circumstances ok to be calling other players names that they do not agree to, especially names that are derogative towards a specific body type. Before you can call players names like this, you need to make sure they're entirely ok with it, but tbh that kind of talk really doesn't have a place on our server anyways. We're all here to play a game and have fun, not to worry about other players harassing each other. 

The second instance:
[Image: 1p4WWm1.jpg]
You had hired a player to make you an artmap. This player replied that they could start it the 15-20th, since they have a busy schedule and would likely not be able to work on it much, to which you replied was ok.

You then sent the player a mail around the 2nd, asking them to reach out to you. Had you handled yourself in the following conversation like a normal person, and not spent the entirety of it being snappy and threatening, the whole ordeal could have ended a lot smoother. 
The conversation in mention:
[Image: 5ORxXtH.jpg]
[Image: X5njOSU.jpg]
[Image: 6a9VBow.jpg]
[Image: FUTCwYJ.jpg]
[Image: fypXylb.jpg]

Do you understand how you came across here? The player had warned you since the beginning that they would not have much time to work on your project, and wouldn't start it until latest the 20th. You two never agreed upon a completion date, and you had no reason to be so angry at this player. There was no implication that the project would be done by the 21st, and honestly to believe that it would have been is preposterous. Work like what you were requesting takes time, energy, and effort. It isn't something that can just be done with a snap of the fingers. You spent the entirety of the conversation with a massive God complex, like you've done no wrong, and how this player is ruining your life by not having done a project in the most expeditious way possible.
"Learn to respect time instead of wasting it before you regret it" sounds awfully threatening. Following that, threatening to get staff involved over the issue doesn't settle well with me either. This player was 100% in the right to say that they wanted to wait to give you back the money directly, and you were in no position to be pulling the things you pulled in this conversation. Your entirely demeanor gives me a "Holier than thou" ambience and that is something I won't allow. You're human, just like the rest of us. Learn how to treat others with respect and you'll be treated the same.

I'd like the following questions answered before I consider your unbanning. Put effort into them, anything less and I won't accept it.

#1: What do you have to say in reply to what I mentioned above? Do you agree? Disagree? Elaborate.
#2: What did you learn from this ban? 
#3: Why do we ask consent before calling players certain names? 
#4: How can I be sure you won't be an issue in the future?
#5: Is there anything you want to say to the community as a whole? Specifically towards the players you've snapped at/insulted? The instance I showed above was not the only I have witnessed.

Take your time replying, I'm expecting well written responses.
#1: What do you have to say in reply to what I mentioned above? Do you agree? Disagree? Elaborate.
First and foremost I am sorry to the person who I was rude to mentioned above. I agree, I have been rude to people in the community by getting pissed over stuff Like the "Second Instance" mentioned above. I have already tried to understand that people have a life out of Minecraft and I'll make sure to maintain not trying to be threatening to players. Moving on to the "First Instance" It was an inside joke which I know [redacted] was kind of pissed after some time but I promise I'll stop making the stupid jokes I make around the community. I know there is a certain line you shouldn't cross and I'll make sure not to cross that line.

#2: What did you learn from this ban? 
I have learned not to call people offensive names, be rude to people because they have a life out of Minecraft, not to bicker with staff and most importantly I will get in contact with staff immediately If I feel like I have done something wrong or when I think I need help.

#3: Why do we ask consent before calling players certain names?
To make sure that the opposition is fine and not being hurt by what we call them.

#4: How can I be sure you won't be an issue in the future?
I won't do this mistake again as I have gotten a punishment of a Ban and I promise this lesson was not only for Minecraft but I take it as a Life lesson to apply in real life and of course, will be applying it every game I go.

#5: Is there anything you want to say to the community as a whole? Specifically towards the players you've snapped at/insulted? The instance I showed above was not the only one I have witnessed.

I am sorry for all the issues I caused. I know it was pretty stupid of me to do such a thing. And I promise once I am back, I'll be that nice guy that everyone likes to have in the community. I apologize for all my acts and words.

I also want to add, I also want to apologize to all the staff members with who I have had issues in the past. I know I haven't been nice but I'll make sure to change for good.
- RedHaseeb
Very well, I appreciate your responses and effort, and I will hold you to your word.
Your ban has been converted into a temp-ban that expires at 12:00PM EST tomorrow, September 23.

Welcome back to HomeTown.

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