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Pumpkin Carving Contest
2nd Annual HomeTown 
Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Spooky season is upon us! 

Last year's pumpkin carving contest turned out so well, I think we should do it again!

If you'd like to participate, head on over to /warp pumpkincontest and pick out your pumpkin! Right-click the sign of the plot you want to use in order to get build perms inside it. If you want your pumpkin to be judged specifically at night time, please leave a sign in your plot saying so. You have until October 30th to carve or decorate your pumpkin, and then staff will judge and pick a few of our favorites in a variety of categories, including but not limited to:

- Spookiest

- Most Creative
- Most Disturbing
- Cutest
- Staff Favorite


Last year's pumpkins have been saved and placed all around the edges of the contest, so go around and check them out if you want some ideas or inspiration!

Here's a snapshot of them all together as well:

[Image: yqsgc4Z.png]

Have fun, Happy Halloween!


[Image: tQy2Awy.jpg]

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