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Santa's Village
Welcome to

Santa's Village!

With December in full swing, we've decided to open up a new server warp for players to explore, interact, and just have fun!

Santa's Village features an ice rink, sled (boat) racing, and a snow ball fight (pvp) arena! You can visit Mrs. Claus' kitchen for free milk and cookies, and be sure to drop by the Mailroom to send off your letter to Santa! Head on over to /warp santasvillage to check it out!

[Image: 1nghAGT.png]

[Image: hvYsaX4.png]

[Image: G4DOvoT.png]

[Image: mhk79v2.png]

[Image: K2QaVSL.png]

[Image: q8yriD7.png]

[Image: SLim46O.png]

[Image: OzL43Da.png]

[Image: 6FmPMRm.png]

[Image: 62yviEH.png]

Have a look around and enjoy!

And Happy Holidays from all of us here at HomeTown! We can't wait to start a new year with you!

- melaniebeedot

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