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Ban Appeal
On the surival account? That's not my account - it's shared.
so that wasn't you, they just happened to get banned for the same offense as you?
Okay I'll come clean - surival IS a shared account but I was the one to commit the offense. I don't understand why it matters so much though; do any of the players I helped still play? Regardless, I swear to God I will not help anymore players with the quiz.
The reason it matters so much is:

1. You've committed the offense once, was banned for it, and then committed it again anyways.

2. You joined on a different account after being banned on another account = ban evasion.

3. You've been pushing the rules for a while now, spamming caps when you think no staff are around, being inappropriate in chat, harassing players who are just trying to follow the rules and encourage others to follow the rules, and just overall not been a pleasant player on either account.

With all that in mind, I don't think we'd be happy to have you back on our server at this time.

Appeal denied.

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