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one year lotto anniversary!
as most of you may know I've been having a monthly lotto ever since February 2020. with that, the first year anniversary is coming up! I had so much fun this past year with all these people winning! one of the biggest rules I have is that you can only join with a bal of 200k or else BUT for February that changes... for the one year anniversary in February, anyone can join regardless of their balance! I am also going to be hosting a drop party February 19th (times will be posted below) if you wish to donate items for it you can do so by gifting xGAMx or putting the items in the box at  /warp gam. the January lotto will still be happening but I will be switching off the ads simultaneously. max is 10 tickets for THIS MONTH ONLY!!

February 19th drop party
February 5th
8pm CST
9pm EST
6pm PST
7pm MST
2am GMT

I hope you can all make it to the drop party! it will be held at /warp gdrop, thank you thedutypaid for making it Big Grin
[Image: sW0qOSG]

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