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Server Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Medizinee

Reason for your ban (exactly what it says when you try to log in!): Grief to /warp diamond Banned by TheDutyPaid. Appeal your ban at http://www.hometownmc.com/forums.

Who banned you: TheDutyPaid

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): 

I will be completely honest, the entire thing was my fault. I was checking out the warps to see if there was anywhere for me to farm diamonds, then came across the warp. I did see the sign on the diamond block mountain, but I misinterpreted it as for show for two reasons. 1. I am pretty dumb. 2. Usually in areas like these, there's grief protection that prevents anyone from mining, or the area is simply claim shoveled, but, for some reason, here, none of that was in place, so my brain saw it as "Well if there's no grief protection, it's probably fine to mine here, maybe it regenerates or something." I'm pretty sure I interpreted it like this due to the systems put in place on bigger servers, is this a common thing on smaller servers?

Again, it's compeletely my fault and it was a dumb mistake. I promise it will not happen again.

Why do you want to come back: 

Small Minecraft servers like these always have the best communities, it's like a rural town with less than a few hundred people, everyone knows each other and everyone will always come to your door with food on Thanksgiving. I also have a good friend here I like to play with (I was on here yesterday with her), and it'd be unfortunate for that to be cut off because I was being dumb.
To be clear, you can't take blocks from players' builds or warps without their permission.
This includes builds that are not claimed.

Upon your return, you need to hand over the blocks you took from /warp diamond, which are:

7 x Deeepslate lapis ore

5 x diamond block

2 x Diamond ore*

6 X Deepslate diamond ore*

*or the diamonds you got from mining it.
If any tools, armour or weapons were made from the diamonds, they will need to be handed over as well

Give these items to any staff member online.

Remember don't touch what doesn't belong to you.

If you need diamonds or anything else, there is /warp res

You have been unbanned.
I appreciate it. I will follow these instructions when I get back on after school.

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