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Ban Appeal LordVenom77
Server you were banned on: SMP

Minecraft name: LordVenom77

Reason for your ban: Use of X-ray modification

Who banned you: TheDutyPaid

Why should you be unbanned: I quite enjoy playing on this server, it has fun minigames, and a nice environment. I highly regret using X-ray, I'm especially depressed about it because I had read the rules just earlier and made the stupid decision to ignore them. I wish to continue to explore this server and the community around it. This use of the X-ray modification unbalances the economy and gives an unfair advantage to an individual, and although I was not planning on using the gathered resources for commerce, it still has a great effect on the balancing of the game that is unfair to other players. I highly regret my actions and look forward to exploring the server more if you would permit me back on. 

Why do you want to come back: As mentioned in the paragraph above, your server is quite enjoyable to play on, and I want to explore (particularly the minigames) quite a bit more. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you for your appeal and being honest, which is quite rare nowadays.

As with all bans of this type, we as a staff team have talked it over and have agreed to let you re-join the server after a temporary ban of 7 days. This will be from the time of your ban.

Items you got from mining will be confiscated, the money you have of $25 is from voting so, you are able to keep that.

We have our rules that cover many aspects of server life, so people can come and enjoy playing.

Welcome back to HomeTown

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