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/sell hand
Idea: Enable /sell hand to be able to be used to sell items that can be sold at /warp shop.

Why: Because Reaper is lazy.

Pros: It would make it more convenient to sell large quantities of one item at one time instead of having to spam click a shop sign forever. It can be set to require a vip rank to use, extra incentive to buy vip if someone doesn't already have it and a nice treat for those that do.

Cons: Each time you use it you owe Reaper 3 Reaps.
Instead of a vip rank, I would say it should be a feature of Ancient and above, might be harder to configure though. On the other hand, the admin shop could be turned into a GUI with /shop or some similar command to make it easier to sell and buy.
setting up the /sell command is actually very easy. we'll consider it. Smile
After some consideration and testing, we have decided to implement this suggestion at the Adept voting rank.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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