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my 6th ht birthday
6 years ago today I joined a server called hometown. Little did I know I would still be here 6 years later. I don't know how I could be so attached to a minecraft server but here I am. Along the way I have made so many friends and for all of you I am so grateful. Last year was definitely my roughest year but things have gotten better and im glad (: This is also my first "birthday" as being elite which is cool too  Big Grin I hope to make more memories here with you all, thank you  Heart
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happy hometown birthday happy to have you here!
A little late, but congratz on your official 6th hometown birthday Gam! Sorry to hear last year was difficult for you, I can empathize as this one has been rough for me as well, but good to hear things are getting a little better. Also gg on your first elite bday as well! You've been a good friend, and there's always fun stuff when you're around such as your lottos, townies and all the other events you made or took part in creating Smile
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