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Ban appeal
You had mentioned a large town build you have been working on, is this it?

[Image: T4MHQqw.png]
Yes, it is it

But i didnt have the red wood on the walls
Let me see if I'm understanding the situation correctly.

You haven't played on your Minecraft account since April 20th.

The hacker is your brother, who logged into your account on April 21st, and spent 2.4 hours building in your town [shown in my prior screenshot above, placing white concrete, green stained glass, light blue stained glass, light blue carpet, purpur block, purpur pillar, polished andesite, and crimson planks]

Then he takes a break from building to go to the resource world and x-ray 86 diamond ore:

[Image: Hg1RNAK.jpg]

And sells them to the admin shop at spawn:

[Image: mPzYThu.jpg]

So that he could go buy more building materials from a player shop:

[Image: tnAXmrq.jpg]

So he could continue building in your town...

all just to get you banned?
I assure you that this is the thing that he has done to get me banned. He watched me play several times, so he knows the whole building/mining/selling/buying/building pattern, but this time he did the stuff with xray.

I know that this sounds bizarre, but thats how it is.
Thank you for your patience.

I had wanted to first clarify the entire story with you to make sure I had it right before we discussed it as a staff team to decide what to do.

After a lengthy discussion and a vote, our verdict is that the ''it was my brother'' excuse is simply too convenient, and because of the great lengths that ''he'' went to to ''pretend'' to be you, building in your town for hours before xraying and then going back to building your town... just isn't beyond a reasonable doubt in our minds.

Appeal denied.

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