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HomeTown's Best Builders Comp
Best Builders

(This is a very special event so you're going to want to participate!)

[Image: wUtdVPj.jpg]

We have many very talented builders on this server, and we want to show them off!

To allow the most flexibility for the vast range of building styles there are, and in light of the latest Caves and Cliffs update, this build competition will be 1.18 themed! 1.18 themed means: what you would build in a 1.18 world, as opposed to pre-1.18. What were you looking forward to building in the new update? That may involve 1.18 blocks, or 1.18 terrain, it totally depends on your ideas/skills. Build whatever you like building that shows off your skills! (within server rules ofc x.x)

What makes this build competition special though, is unlike the way we usually reward build competitions, the winners will not be receiving physical prizes.... 

Instead, the winners chosen (and there will be several) will be given the opportunity to join in on helping to build an official server build alongside staff! (the specifics of which will not be disclosed except to the winners Wink)

So if you want to show off your skills to all future players to come, let's see what you've got!

When: Starting May 7th, 2022
Ending June 7th, 2022

Where: /warp build 
(more plots at /warp build2)

Stop by and pick out a plot, right click the sign outside the plot to claim it!

(One plot/entry per player, no team ups, no alts)

To get creative (and fly) you have to go to the warp directly (/warp build) and then walk out of the box, then you can fly or /home to your plot!

You have one long month to work on this build so you can take your time and really give it your all!

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