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First to the Egg Event!
[Image: 2lAeCwb.jpg]

A grand spawn building stands alone in the forest, moss and vines creeping along its once polished surfaces.

Grief and destruction have left it full of holes and water and lava.

Beyond its steps, an empty, dangerous world.

Welcome to HomeTown's first

"First to the Egg"

A full vanilla challenge is upon you! 
A separate server has been set up on a separate IP for this event.
The first player to get the ender dragon egg into their inventory, wins!

There is no fly, no warps, no tp... 
and be warned, creeper explosions, fire spread, enderman theft, everything is back on the table,
and the world is set to 'hard' difficulty! 

Oh, there's also a catch: 
upon your death, any and all progress you've made so far will rolled back, 
and you go back to spawn and start over. So be very, very careful... 

We will grant you one saving grace: 
a gold shovel and 2000 claim blocks to start, and you will accrue 120 claim blocks per hour online. 
Anything not claimed is fair game for theft and grief! 
PvP is disabled for now, but may be enabled in future events.

So what's the incentive to put yourself through such a grueling challenge?
Aside from the clout of being the winner,
you will be awarded a special prize on the main server!
(think, the kind of uber special prizes y'all hope for with onechunk events)

Where: smp.hometownmc.com:25566

When: Saturday, June 4th, 8:00 a.m. EST

All players are welcome, invite your friends!
Sharing/Trading/Teaming up with friends is allowed,
(but keep in mind there is only 1 winner and 1 prize)

Alts are permitted to be used instead of mains, 
but collaboration between alt and main to save materials/progress is prohibited.
(let's play fair, folks)

Other than that, have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

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