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Third annual townies!
Hello everyone! It is almost time for the third annual townies created by _Froid_ and me! Here is some information for the townies.

The date will be August 6th, 2022 at 7pmcst. I will post time conversions below

7pm cst
8pm est
5pm pst
6pm mst
1am bst (London)

Attached is a link to a google form where you can submit player names for each category

The event will be held at /warp unitytheatre, if there is a change of venue I will let you all know day of.
In the event that I am not able to make it, Lyingstar (nether) will be the host in exchange for me.
If you have any further questions please let me know! I hope you can all make it Smile
[Image: sW0qOSG]
Thank you all for an amazing event! Looking forward to next years Townies!

[Image: kzHC7x3.png]

[Image: TIvXKU7.png]
I was there in spirit, thank you nether
[Image: sW0qOSG]

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