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Ban Appeal - x-ray
Added video, I really want to get on
Firstly, your impatience is, to put in the best way possible, not appreciated. Spamming your ban appeal thread and sending me direct messages only makes me not want to reply. Staff have lives outside the server, and I am no exception to that statement. My first thought when I come home from work isn't normally "Hm, you know what's my top priority right now? Checking ban appeals!" I've been replying to you when I find I am able, and quite frankly I've been answering you faster than other staff members in my position would've been. To take from a common staff saying: "You do the crime, you do the time." You took the time to x-ray, now you take the time to suffer the consequences. Be grateful I've been replying as often as I have.

Secondly, your video means next to nothing. While I appreciate the thought, you could replace the xray pack in less time than it took you to set up, record, and post the entire video of you deleting it. You could swear up and down seven ways to Sunday that you've removed it, it doesn't mean that you did, nor does it mean I just trust you.

Third. After conferral with Cil and other staff, we've decided to accept your appeal. Be warned that should an occurrence like this happen again, the repercussions will most definitely be harsher, especially after your words of promise that you won't find yourself in a situation like this again.

Your ban has been converted to a non-appealable temp-ban of 11 days from the date of your ban (July 26). It will expire at 10:49PM (EST) on August 6rd, 2022.

Your balance has also been reset to zero and all diamonds/diamond related items have been confiscated.

Welcome back to HomeTown.

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