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Ban Appeal Dark_Warrior05
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Dark_Warrior05

Reason for your ban (exactly what it says when you try to log in!): Xray

Who banned you: ThatOneWolfe/Elsio

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): First of all, I would like to thank the staff for the opportunity to appeal the ban. XRaying on 7/26/2022 was one of my only times even coming close to breaking a rule on the server. I have been on the server for about a month now, maybe less than that, and I have been friendly and respectful of all members in the server regardless of whether they're veterans or new players, staff or guests. I've also done my best to give forward the kindness I received from other players when I first joined by welcoming people back when they join, and welcoming new players. I also help out other players whenever they need it, whether it be doing a job they need to get done or simply donating items to them. This server was the first time I got back into Minecraft after quitting it about a year ago due to personal problems, and I don't want my inconsiderate activities to ruin such an amazing experience. This is one of the friendliest, most tightly knit, and welcoming server I've found after going through dozens of larger and smaller servers. 

I XRayed on 7/26/2022 simply for the thrill of it. I had been hearing of this "XRay cheat" for quite some time recently, and I had the curiosity of searching up and trying it out for myself. I felt extremely wrong doing it as I was cheating players who put in hours to grind out of their hard work and effort...I should've definitely known better as I'm also someone who strip mines and grinds for diamonds. However, in the state of mind I was, I just wanted to get that experience of how it all works and I even foolishly tried to cover my tracks to put it all in the past. Nonetheless, the excellent staff at HomeTown SMP caught me which only made me appreciate the server's organization and moderation more. As I begin my closing statements, I would like to say that I 100% knew the negative consequences of XRaying on the server's community and economy, and therefore did not use my loot from XRaying to sell for profit or give it out to other players. I was completely aware that cheat farming diamonds through XRay would break the economy by making diamonds worthless if everyone had mass quantities of them. I also didn't inform any other players of my antics or gift my stolen diamonds to others as it might negatively influence others to cheat and/or further reduce the value of diamonds. Player shops would've also faced adverse effects if I had sold cheat diamonds to them as owners would lose ridiculous amounts of money from the large quantities of diamonds sold to them within a short period of time. Rest assured, all of the deepslate diamond ores I obtained from XRaying are in my player inventory and have not been mined for diamonds or sold to any shop. All of the deepslate diamond ores in my inventory currently are from XRay, and that's the whole quantity I got from my short time cheating. The rest of the diamonds found in one of my personal chests are 100% legitimately farmed and from the recent Ore Parties. If the staff would be willing to let me back into the server or keep my inventory(except the cheated deepslate diamond ores ofc), I promise to never even consider breaking the rules again even if it is for my personal thrill or experience. What I did was completely inappropriate, but I never planned to use my cheated resources to gain an unfair advantage over others and my dedication to the server can also be seen by the "grind" I embarked on for VIP3 and also the amount of time I've spent on the server to vote and promote it as well as legitimately build my base and farm for ores. In the end, VIP3 was gifted to me which only proves the amount of kindness present in the server and it makes me regret my actions further as I cheated amazing players like those out of hours of hard work. Thanks again for this opportunity to appeal my ban and have a wonderful day Smile

Why do you want to come back: As I mentioned above, HomeTown SMP is one of the friendliest, tightly knit, and welcoming servers I have ever found. A one-time dumb and inconsiderate action to permanently take away my privilege of experiencing such a wonderful community would crush my heart. I have been on the server for just about a month, but I have worked my hardest work up the ranks and help players, new and veteran, along the way. If anyone needs anything, I'm one of the first to respond and help them out. Whenever someone joins or even comes out of afk, I often welcome them back or welcome them into HomeTown SMP if they're first time guests. I want to continue making such a positive and ONLY positive impact on the server moving forward. This was one of my first rule offenses in a multiplayer videogame environment ever. I have only gotten into trouble two times before. I got in trouble was with taking Reap's food which I mistook for free food...reading "one each as one stack of each from /warp freefood". The other was when I accidentally stole Reap's fishing rod as it was in an unlocked chest at a public warp and I assumed it meant it was for the public like the gold and other materials in the loot chute. Those are the only two times this happened and I kindly returned both items back to Reap when he asked me to. I promise to never come close to breaking another rule again, and I have a ton of positivity, energy, and helping hands to contribute to the server if I'm given the opportunity to return. 

Thanks again for the opportunity to appeal.
Hi Dark Warrior I appreciate your honesty and admission to your part in X-raying. As you know the server has a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to Xray and you also mentioned, that you were aware of this cheat and its consequences to the server.

Therefore I have a few questions in response to your appeal, please do fill the answers out in detail.

1. If you were just simply testing out how Xray works, why not try it in single-player? Why did you decide to choose an online server to try this hack?

2. If you were aware of the negative consequences of your actions, Why deliberately do them in the first place?
Everything is Panda
1) It was definitely my biggest fault to use it in the server instead of single player, but I'm not totally sure what went through my mind when I decided to use it in multiplayer. Perhaps I was thinking that I already have the mine and necessary tools like a Netherite Pick within the server to try it instead of starting fresh in singleplayer and attempting to make my way down to the diamond level. I also didn't realize that XRay had a zero tolerance policy, especially since I was using it for entertainment and personal experimenting "How fast can I get diamonds doing this, how many I can get in a certain amount of time, etc." This leads me into the second question. 

2) I wasn't actively thinking of the severe negative consequences of XRay when I did it although I demonstrated in my appeal that I knew what the effects were had I chose to sell the diamonds, distribute them, etc. As I mentioned, it was just for my thrill and at some point I fell asleep and went afk before I was banned. I was planning on discarding the diamonds when I returned. However I do realize that purposefully choosing to activate XRay and mining diamonds using it is a big breach of rules even if I wasn't planning on using the loot for any other harmful effects. Hopefully my honesty and previous good behavior will work in my favor to get me a second chance on the server and I will never even come close to breaking a rule.
Hello Dark

Thank you for your honest responses and patience.

After discussing with the rest of the staff team we have decided to let you back on the server with the condition any repeated behavior of such in any form will lead to a permanent ban.

As per the consequence of xraying, we have decided to give you a non-appealable 14-day temp ban, of which 3 days have been spent, therefore you will be allowed back onto the server on the 9th of August. Additionally, all diamond and diamond-related items will be removed from your inventory and chests and your balance will be reset to 0.

I hope you have learned from the experience
Welcome Back to Hometown
Everything is Panda
I sure have, thanks for the second chance

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