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The Rise of BlueCity

BlueCity was a project which started in April 2021, I started with only $10k which was pretty less to even hire builders or even get the needful amount of materials. I had started building houses in Brooklyn Avenues myself with 2 other helpers who used to help build houses to make the process faster, As time went by those helpers left the server within a month, and I was lucky enough to make some sales before they left and was able to afford materials for more projects, I found urtcome and JaydeToast as builders for the city who were supporting the city from that point, It has been almost a little more than a year now and we are still developing! We have revamped the houses, renovated our city hall to make it of some use, and introduced apartments for those who want to stay in the city as tourists to admire the beauty before they make a decision to whether or not to buy a house in the city. We are looking forward to introducing a new project which is still in the process of planning and will announce it shortly after the planning phase is complete.

What does "BlueCity" mean?
  • The Blue in the name BlueCity itself bears a very deep meaning, The city is made of water and so is surrounded by it, water is blue in colour which also represents peace and the term city is quite obvious.
Who owns BlueCity?
  • BlueCity is founded & owned by RedHaseeb and JaydeToast is the co-owner of it.
Does BlueCity hire builders?
  • We always look for new builders who are interested in modern builds! They can get a project by contacting RedHaseeb.
[Image: Screenshot_3.png]
- RedHaseeb
BlueCity is really cool! I own a house there
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BlueCity is cool! I suggest you get a real estate agent, they would be so radical 
(but so is rosecity)
Ooo, I wonder who these JaydeToast and Urtcome people are. They seem like such fantastic and cool players. B]
Everything is Panda
I have a house across from Frost!

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