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Buy me VIP3 for ingame cash?
Hello Folks,

Yea, you read that right. I wanna upgrade to vip3 but it does not have the currency of my country. So i have to depend on someone else who could.

Are any of you willing to buy me Vip3 in exchange of ingame cash?

If you are, please quote your price by sending /msg TheReem93
You should be able to just complete the transaction in dollars and PayPal will deal with the conversion into your currency
yes you can pay with any currency and paypal will convert it automatically
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That sound nice. But when i checked, $15 is alot in my currency. The conversion rate is high for me. Like, i can do alot with that in my currency.
Not all players read the forums.

You can start asking in main chat to get players interested and how much in game cash you are willing to spend.
There's also a craigslist section in the discord with a few channels like #help-wanted where you could post your request
Alright, will check further on this. thanks all

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