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So it's been 4 + years, huh?
It's incredible how fast the time goes by, I started playing mid to late 2018, when I first discovered hometown (about a week later than Elsio and Mel). A lot has happened and changed but I still enjoy playing and seeing some old familiar players (Elsio, Mel, Dead, Uber, Cil, Mem, Bel, Gam and others - sorry if I forgot someone it was not on purpose). One of the first friends I made back then was Elsio, really glad he's still around and now we're working once again on a city! It's called elcatcity, has a warp and everyone is welcome to come check it out and if you're a member or a higher rank to purchase an apartment or a house. There were times when I, due to irl circumstances and other stuff, took breaks from playing, but I've been very active lately and enjoying it! Of course, there's also new players I enjoy talking to or playing with as well such as esp, raggy, pixel, quinn, icedoglucas, duty, jkok and others. I generally enjoy building stuff, but also like strip mining, helping new players start out, and talking about pretty much anything, so feel free to msg me, and see you around Smile

P.s. to staff members: I would like if my name on the forums could be changed from TheCatKing to TheGreatCatsby since I changed my ign a year or so ago Smile
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Congratulations on 4+ years Smile
congrats on 4 years! Thanks for being apart of the community for so long
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im glad you remember me xD <3 it was nice seeing you come back and be more active Big Grin happy 4 years
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Ty for all your replies, congratulations and wishes. I consider it an honor to have Mr. Frost himself respond to a post I made Smile
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