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Ban appeal 2nd
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: R1zw (old name: xRyzexx)

Reason for your ban: xraying

Who banned you: LyingStar

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): I admit my mistake, I have deleted the xray. And wont repeat it.. I have a good base that took me a long time to make, I truly regret cheating with xray. I used xray to find the warden's place in the overworld and in the nether to find ancient debris. I am truly sorry for lying to the staff at first. I know what I did was not right. [edit: I mined several veins of diamonds (6) and ancient debris (7)]

Why do you want to come back: I made some friends in the server, I want to play with them, they are really nice. I am so embarressed about.. Please I wont repeat it give me last chance.. 

I have gone through some appeals, and I cannot really make a big paragraph like others do. Please understand. But I will try my best!
xRyzexx Wrote:I have gone through some appeals, and I cannot really make a big paragraph like others do. Please understand. But I will try my best!

I'm not trying to be pedantic, I'm just curious what the reason for this is, I'm more than willing to work with you. If it's a reason you're unwilling to share publicly (believe me, I get it), feel free to DM me on here or on Discord (Nether#2875). However, regardless of which option you choose, the appeal process will still happen here.

Your edit is still subpar. Before we continue please do the above and we can go from there.
I meant I cannot really say things in a big or like in a detailed way.. I can say it in a simpler way..

But I can try
Yes, understood. I am asking why. Age, language barrier, any other assortment of reasons?

There have always been expectations for X-ray ban appeals (if you don't believe me, click here for all the xray ban appeals over the years). Before I willingly lower the expectations I need a legitimate reason for doing so
Age, I'm 14 I'm not acclimated to inscribing immense paragraph with more detailed meaning and stuff. Hope you understand..
That I do.

I usually ask 4 questions with the expectation that there's going to be a lengthy response, but, given the nature of the situation, I'm going to ask a few more questions with a shorter expectation. By no means is one sentence going to be sufficient, but I won't expect a paragraph for each one. A few sentences is fine.

1. How does xray impact others?
2. Why is xray not allowed on HomeTown?
3. How would you feel if someone was able to gain a substantial advantage over you in a way you were unable to?
4. Why is it inadvisable to lie to staff?
5. Why did you lie to staff in the first place?
6. Are you going to use xray in the future?
7. Is using xray to find structures (such as Ancient Cities) permitted?
8. If you are caught xraying again, are you willing to accept a more severe punishment?
1. X-ray impacts other people by making them feel jealous in the sudden change of your wealth, and they most likely feel like using one too. They take so many hours trying to find resources, but you just find it instantly that will make others feel bad and probably leave the server.

2. X-Ray allows players to see through grass and stone to see the resources or subterranean structures like mineshafts, end cities or ancient cities beneath them. Which is an unfair advantage and against the rules of the server.

3. I would feel bad if their progress was unusually improving and kept getting resources again and again, so I'd probably try to cheat my way trying to be like them.

4. Because its their responsibility to keep the server run smooth and not have any cheaters, so lying to them makes it harder for them to do that. Also, lying is just not good in general.

5. Because I underestimated them, I lied to avoid embarrassing myself in front of other players and my friends, which was a mistake.

6. No, neither in hometown nor on any other server would I ever utilize x-ray. There's no point in cheating, and I know how it feels. Fair play is always more enjoyable.

7. No, those sorts of structures are rare and hard to find. We would have an unfair advantage if we are using x-ray, which will enable us to see through blocks and identify these structures.

8. Yes, And if I use x-ray once more, I shouldn't be given the chance to appeal and should instead be permanently banned from the server as well as the forums (if possible).
Very nice. Your appeal has been accepted. As is the custom, your ban has been converted to a non-appealable temp ban of 10 days from the date you were banned (December 3, 2022 @ 6:37AM GMT) and will expire at 6:37AM GMT on December the 13th

Welcome back to HomeTown

Very late edit: as is also the custom, your balance has been reset to 0 and any diamond/netherite things you owned have been confiscated
Alright thank you, I will not break any rules from this point on. Big Grin

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