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Plugin suggestion: VoteGUI
There is a plugin called VoteGUI (I'm sure there's similar ones if this one's incompatible with the server) I believe, that tracks the last time you voted on each site through a GUI that I believe would make things easier for lots of people, as they wouldn't have to set alarms and such if they wanted to vote roughly at the same time each day. It can be tinkered with and say stuff like either "you voted 22h 40 mins ago" or "you have 1h 60 mins left until you can vote" or make it say "Go vote now" once the period of 24h has been reset! I can see why some players and staff members might see this as having disadvantages as well as advantages. One disadvantage would be - it would take away from the effort needed to put in if you wanna reach top voter/voters and you wouldn't need to set alarms and such, but regardless, I hope a lot of players will find it has more advantages than disadvantages, so please consider adding it if possible. Smile


P.S. Here's a link how it looks like: b27634c61dddc475a447e1003eafb94d.png (840×611) (gyazo.com) where the red one displays the vote site that it's still too early to vote one, while green ones display the sites where you can go vote now.
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