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Parkour Event!
Howdy ho (ho ho) HomeTowners! (See what I did there)

To crush continue on the Christmas spirits, I'd like to introduce a new parkour event!

This is something I've been working on recently, and it's time to announce it to all! At /warp ParkourSpecial will be a race to the finish! Starting at 7:00PM EST on January 7th (timer), the warp will be open to all. A race to the finish, the first, second, and third place contestants will each receive a prize!
(No, I can't tell you what it is, that would ruin the surprise)

While you do not need to start the event right at 7, it's in your better interest if you want to get a better prize!

1. PVP is disabled, but try to be courteous to others parkouring! AKA, don't afk right on a block that someone needs to jump onto!
2. Potion use is banned 
3. Anyone found breaking the rules/cheating will be removed from the contest. This is at the discretion of any staff member
4. If you accidentally lose your spot, stinks. I have no way of proving where you were and it's not my responsibility if you're careless and lose your /back or decide to tp away. 
5. Use of items that alter your speed/jump are also prohibited.
6. The event takes place in the EVENT WORLD, meaning your inventories SYNC. Your inventory does get wiped at various points throughout the event, so do NOT FORGET TO EMPTY YOUR INVENTORY. There are echests placed throughout along with reminders. I am NOT responsible if you choose not to heed my warning(s) and you lose your favorite Elytra. 

Did someone say... PHOTO OPS???

[Image: PVIeb6t.jpg]

[Image: qaCapD5.jpg]

[Image: g4EGa31.jpg]

[Image: zGZTBgK.jpg]

[Image: K3px7rd.jpg]

Happy Parkouring!

- Nether
The Event is now open! Head to /warp ParkourSpecial and be one of the first 3 to complete it!

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