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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): HomeTown SMP

Minecraft name: DiscoHusky

Reason for your ban (exactly what it says when you try to log in!): Phallic Build

Who banned you: Nether_Ruler

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): I was like a freshman in higschool when I built it, I'll admit that it was pretty immature and dumb. I honestly don't know how long I've been banned, probably around two years- I just never really made an effort to come back I guess. I didn't know that it was against the rules to build it on my own plot, but I guess it makes sense to me now since it's a community server and all. I'm sorry if I offended anyone or looked ridiculous- I just want to say, I was also 14 and dumb lmao. I ask that you please consider unbanning me Sad

Why do you want to come back: This is one of the only community servers that I actually enjoy. Again, It's been a long time since I've been on and I wanted to catch up and see what's changed and I miss logging on with my cousin, building cool things, and talking with the admins and other people on the server. It was nice, I miss it lol. 
Apologies for the late response, I was on a retreat all weekend and didn't have the time to be replying.

I appreciate your honesty. The one thing I will say is this: you're a higher ranking player, and you should've known better. The rules for what you are/aren't allowed to build do not change depending on whether it's your own plot or not. While I understand the immaturity, just keep that one in mind.

I usually ask questions at this part of the appeal, to make sure you've understood, but you seem to have addressed pretty much everything I was going to ask. I'll consider your almost two years (May 2021) penance. Should this happen again, the consequences will be more severe.

You've been unbanned as of the time this message is posted. Welcome back to HomeTown =)

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