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i’m sorry, can i be unbanned?
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: ghosty02280

Reason for your ban (exactly what it says when you try to log in!): grief to warp kelhaven

Who banned you: TheDutyPaid

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): i made a stupid decision that i really regret and there’s no excuse on why i did what o did other than the fact that i was being selfish at the time, i had no consideration of anyone’s feelings and for that i’m sorry.

Why do you want to come back: i really enjoy this server, it’s so friendly and i worked hard making my base with my gf. 

thank u for your consideration 
-e (ghosty) 

adding a part.

i stole stuff from bases that weren’t claimed which was extremely dumb on my end. i’d really love a second chance so i can play with my bf again we both love this server and it would suck if we lost it. :/
I see you know that you stole from quite a number of bases and the logs of these actions run into a great number of pages, everything from basic blocks to beacon bases.

Most times in these cases players claim a lack of understanding of the rules but as you said you were being selfish.

Also while checking back on your logs, I also found you mined ores within 100 blocks of other players builds which comes under the 100 block rule about not building or changing another players build

Talking of the 100 block rule, I also found you have built within 100 blocks of another player, which happens to be me. While in most cases is not a ban issue and can be worked out in game.

From the very start it looks like you have not paid attention to any of the most basic rules but if you do wish to return I will need to know you will now play within the rules.

So please take time and I do mean think about before replying to these questions.

1. Why does this server have rules in place on player conduct

2. How can you get items without just taking from others who have spent time collecting them?

3. Put yourself into another player's shoes and how do they feel to find their hard work damaged or stolen?

4. What should happen to all the blocks you took?

5. In the future, how will we know you will not continue this course of bad action?
ty for answering. 
i genuinely didn’t read all the rules i’ll be honest but it’s biting me in the ass now unfortunately. i know the rules r in place so everyone can have a friendly server to just make a silly little base and play with others. 
i know i can earn everything i took by just taking my time. i KNOW if i just gave it time i could’ve made everything i took on my own but i took advantage of people and just took without thought. i feel terrible for stealing from people cause i had no reason to do so but now that i have faced the consequences of my own actions i won’t ever steal stuff again, i will go over the rules and actually get a good read on it and hopefully make the server a more peaceful atmosphere for all players.
as for the blocks i took, i don’t know what to do with them. but i feel guilty having them please know that. i’m open to any suggestions on what to do with them!! i do want to work on myself and genuinely appreciate the server instead of taking advantage of it. 
ty for ur response and thank u for reading all of that

Thank you for your response.

For a player that has been with us about 2 years now, knowing basic rules should be said and done.

I am willing to give you another chance but due to the amount of grief this will be a one week temporary ban. This will be back dated from the time of your ban so you will be able to rejoin in 5 days.

Anything you have taken, gold and iron blocks or items made from these,including items coral, carpet bookcases and other blocks etc will need to be given up to a staff member upon your return.

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